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NEW! The Best of the Science Papers of Miles Mathis. The top 50 of 600 papers, ranked.


NEW PAPER, added 7/6/24, Another $500 Billion Boondoggle and Conjob. ITER and Fusion.

NEW PAPER, added 6/13/24, The Photomolecular Effect? No! I explain the 300% gain in evaporation at MIT.

BIANNUAL FUND DRIVE, added 6/1/24, I am now running this on my science site as well as my art/history site. Just a reminder to donate in any amount if any of my work has been useful to you. I never bother you with ads or pop ups or merchandise and I don't like paying steep fees to GoFundMe or any of those places, so this is what I do instead. Infinitely more civilized. Use the webkitty above or just send me a check. POBox 335, Garden Valley CA 95633. I have no other source of funding and live on about $30,000 a year, so if you want to support something other than the mainstream Moloch, this would be the way to do it.

NEW PAPER, added 5/14/24, The Cosmological Principle Killed by the Charge Field. The Giant Ring bamboozles the mainstream again.

NEW PAPER, added 5/12/24, Off the Charts. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction provides a late peak, with a boost from Mercury/Earth.

OLD PAPER, added 3/18/13, Mystic Symbolism and the Charge Field. I am toplisting this paper from 2013 on the flower of life, due to interference this week from Intel. See new introduction.

NEW PAPER, added 4/20/24, The Rule of Four. Mainstream science is stumped again.

NEW PAPER, added 4/14/24, The Fractional Quantum Hall Effect. As with the Hall Effect, I solve this with the charge field.

ANNOUNCEMENT: These last three papers and the one on Acetylene have gone immediately to the top of the rankings at Yandex, and sometimes also at Bing, Yahoo, and Google. See the papers themselves for reports I have just posted on that.

NEW PAPER, added 3/27/24, The Breakdown of Fourier's Law. Mainstream physics continues to self-destruct.

NEW PAPER, added 3/25/24, Jupiter-Uranus Alignment. The third major planetary alignment of this Solar Cycle hits right on a sunspot/flux/flare spike, proving again my theory.

NEW PAPER, added 3/22/24, Kerr Admits Singularities Don't Exist. He is moving strongly toward me, for reasons that I think are obvious.

NEW PAPER, added 3/19/24, The Real Spin of Light. A response to Physorg and the University of Maryland.

NEW PAPER, added 3/15/24, Charles Darwin. Part V, the Wallace steal. Also Lyell, and more comments on Evolution itself, including epigenetics.

NEW PAPER, added 3/8/24, Charles Darwin. Part IV, Mill, Huxley, Chambers, Owen, and others. Also a teaser on dinosaurs.

NEW PAPER, added 2/23/24, Alfred Russel Wallace. Part III of the Darwin series.

NEW PAPER, added 2/16/24, Charles Darwin. Part II, where we read the journal very closely.

PAPER UPDATE, added 2/10/24, Charles Darwin. I received an email from someone who went to Cambridge, and have added it as a long footnote. Also a short addition to p. 11.

NEW PAPER, added 2/7/24, Charles Darwin. Part I of big research.

NEW PAPER, added 2/9/24, Acetylene. With diagrams.

NEW PAPER, added 2/6/24, Ammonia. With diagrams.

NEW PAPER, added 1/28/24, Sunspots and Hurricanes. Why they are inverse.

NEW PAPER, added 1/27/24, NOAA Admits Defeat on Solar Cycle 25. But keeps fudging anyway.

NEW PAPER, added 12/30/23, Heisenberg was a Fraud. In more ways than one.

NEW PAPER, added 12/29/23, Fermi Pasta and the Soliton. Also the Kerr Effect. Including commentary on Angela Collier at Youtube.

NEW PAPER, added 12/27/23, The Experiment that will Save Physics? Nah.

NEW PAPER, added 12/23/23, Dark Matter Again. Where we look at CoSI, among other things.

NEW PAPER, added 12/5/23, Blowing My Top. I publish some comments from a mainstream scientist. Anonymous, but still a pretty powerful testimonial.

NEW PAPER, added 11/25/23, Air Force Still Fudging Hugely. Suppressing sunspot numbers for fun and profit.

PAPER UPDATE, added 11/22/23, The Nobel Prize just Crashed and Burned. I finally figured out why the 2022 Nobel went to entanglement. See addendum.

NEW PAPER, added 11/21/23, More on Bell Tests and Quantum Computers. In other words, more fraud.

NEW PAPER, added 11/21/23, The Continuing Misdirection on Dark Matter, and everything else.

NEW PAPER, added 10/1/23, NOAA Predicts NO Cycle 26. The meltdown continues, along with the fear porn.

NEW PAPER, added 8/14/23, The Mainstream is Wrong Again. This time about gamma rays.

NEW PAPER, added 8/10/23, The Strong Force Blows Up. More proof of my nuclear architecture and charge channels.

NEW PAPER, added 8/5/23, Oppenheimer was a Fraud. Using mostly the new film and Wikipedia, I blow this one sky high.

PAPER UPDATE, added 7/25/23, NASA 95% Certain the Air Force is Making up Numbers. I have updated this paper with more recent graphs, reminding you once again how hugely the mainstream prediction missed, and how they continue to try to cover it by fudging data and figures.

NEW PAPER, added 7/21/23, Photosynthesis Proves again my Charge Field and Nuclear Channeling Theory.

NEW PAPER, added 6/30/23, Light is not a Field Wave. A return to this important discovery, 18 years later.

PAPER UPDATE, added 6/6/23, Yet more Proof Sunspots are being Under-reported. Average flares for May have now been released, showing up the cheat again.

NEW PAPER, added 6/2/23, Does the Past Still Exist? Is yesterday today?

PAPER UPDATE, added 5/27/23, Yet more Proof Sunspots are being Under-reported. I have added a paragraph here at the end.

NEW PAPER, added 5/24/23, Yet more Proof Sunspots are being Under-reported. No match to Solar Flare activity.

NEW PAPER, added 5/6/23, Chinese-style Internet? No, not even that good anymore. Search engines are now worthless.

NEW PAPER, added 4/30/23, A Return to Bode. I simplify and clarify this old paper from 2009.

NEW PAPER, added 3/3/23, More Proof the Air Force is Faking the Sunspot Numbers. Plus commentary on the butterfly graph.

NEW PAPER, added 3/3/23, Pyramids and Other Things. Venus, Ceres, ley lines, the works.

NEW PAPER, added 2/17/23, Today's Sunspot Fudge from Air Force. They bring the boys in Belgium in line.

NEW PAPER, added 2/15/23, Fur. How it works.

NEW PAPER, added 2/13/23, Why is it Hotter in Summer? It isn't as simple as you think.

NEW PAPER, added 2/8/23, Tides in the Plasmasphere. New evidence of EM tides confirms my famous paper of 2005.

NEW PAPER, added 2/7/23, Bing's New ChatGPT Libels Miles Mathis. Not a good start for her: she is not making friends.

NEW PAPER, added 2/6/23, Today's Sunspot Fudge from Air Force.

NEW PAPER, added 2/2/23, NOAA Admits I am Right. The charts prove it.

PAPER UPDATE, added 1/29/23, Bing and Yahoo join Google in Censoring my Papers. I have added a fuller analysis from an IT pro of this strange search result, with a colorful graphic.

NEW PAPER, added 1/29/23, The Strange Case of Magenta. More commentary on anticolor.

NEW PAPER, added 1/28/23, Bing and Yahoo join Google in Censoring my Papers. Downlisting by looping promoted mainstream papers.

NEW PAPER, added 1/20/23, Sunspots 1/20/23. The Daily Air Force Fudge.

PAPER UPDATE, added 1/20/23, More for my Critics. The numbers for this site are spiking right now, just like the sunspot numbers, with my US ranking rising more than 470,000 in just the last month.

PAPER UPDATE, added 1/11/23, Sunspots 1/11/23. I have updated this paper, as the sunspot number today spiked off the charts to 325.

NEW PAPER, added 1/10/23, Sunspots 1/10/23. The Air Force fudge continues.

NEW PAPER, added 12/23/22, Why I don't Believe the Fusion Announcement. Nine big reasons.

NEW PAPER, added 12/13/22, Scott McIntosh continues to Steal my Ideas. Now adding the dual-cycle notification.

NEW PAPER, added 12/3/22, NASA 95% Certain the Air Force is Making up Numbers. You have to laugh.

NEW PAPER, added 11/16/22, New Tricks from the Air Force. They are now just erasing the face of the Sun.

PAPER UPDATE, added 11/12/22, More on Gravity. I have added a long (hopefully) clarifying introduction to this paper from 2019. It shows I was right, with some minor updates and honings. I have added the same introduction to grav3.pdf.

NEW PAPER, added 11/2/22, Scientific American adds to the Fear Porn. Mushroom clouds 24/7.

NEW PAPER, added 10/19/22, The Forbidden Equation i=qc. More misdirection on the photon.

PAPER UPDATE, added 10/15/22, The Steep Climb Begins. Another round.

PAPER UPDATE, added 10/10/22, The Steep Climb Begins. I list more of their fudges.

NEW PAPER, added 10/5/22, The Nobel Prize just Crashed and Burned. Physicists become entangled in their own nets.

NEW PAPER, added 10/4/22, The Steep Climb Begins. The suppressing of sunspot numbers just went into overdrive.

PAPER UPDATE, added 10/3/22, Something for my Critics. This old paper showing my paper rankings on the internet has been updated since my censoring by Google on most topics. I have added many screenshots to prove these rankings, which I can still get from Yahoo and Bing (and even Google in some cases). What the uncensored results from Yahoo show, surprisingly, is that my papers are continuing to climb even after the censoring. That means that even after Google has suppressed my numbers by 90%, I am still beating all the university websites, and often beating Wikipedia.

NEW PAPER, added 10/2/22, 1000C on Jupiter! Where we look at the mainstream explanation.

NEW PAPER, added 8/13/22, Alan Turing was another Total Fraud. Like all the rest.

NEW PAPER, added 7/2/22, Muon Magnetism. I show how to calculate the muon's magnetic moment from it's own mass in about three lines of math, destroying the Standard Model once again.

NEW PAPER, added 6/30/22, The Temperature of the Earth and Venus, calculated straight from the charge density. A guest writer does this one for us, extending and confirming my calculations and theory from core.pdf.

NEW PAPER, added 6/26/22, The Jaynes-Cummings Model. Is garbage.

NEW PAPER, added 6/22/22, Scott McIntosh continues to Self-Destruct.

NEW PAPER, added 6/1/22, On the Question of Narcissism. A response and a takedown.

NEW PAPER, added 5/28/22, The Next Round of Fudging and Lying Begins. The mainstream zombies continue to eat their own faces off, regarding the Solar Cycle.

NEW PAPER, added 5/19/22, The Day Mainstream Science Died. Solar flux went to 180 today, proving my theory of planetary influence and charge, and embarrassing the mainstream once again.

NEW PAPER, added 4/23/22, How does a Sail Work? Not like you are told. This one will really float your boat.

NEW PAPER, added 4/17/22, More Proof of my Solar Cycle Theory from Neptune. New data from ESO on Neptune's temperature over the past 17 years confirms charge recycling again.

NEW PAPER, added 4/11/22, Earth's Temperature Cycle. I continue my analysis from 2011 of the ice age data.

PAPER UPDATE, added 3/30/22, The Air Force is still Faking Sunspot numbers. Right after I published this, numbers went through the roof.

NEW PAPER, added 3/27/22, The Air Force is still Faking Sunspot numbers.

NEW PAPER, added 3/25/22, Photon Gas(lighting). More proof of my theories and disproof of the Bose-Einstein condensate.

NEW PAPER, added 3/22/22, As Bad as it Gets. David Deutsch and Constructor Theory.

NEW PAPER, added 3/16/22, Charge IS Fundamental. I destroy PBS Spacetime once again.

NEW PAPER, added 3/9/22, Sunspots in Bands. Sunspots also confirm my charge recycling routes.

NEW PAPER, added 3/2/22, Terminator Event. McIntosh is one bad apple.

NEW PAPER, added 2/5/22, White Channel. Radio filaments prove my theory of charge recycling once again.

NEW PAPER, added 1/26/22, The X-Particle. I show this particle is not a tetraquark and does not support quark theory, Big Bang, or dark matter explanations.

NEW PAPER, added 1/9/22, Solar Cycle 25 is Strong. My prediction continues to come true.

NEW PAPER, added 11/19/21, Pauli Blocking and Ultracold Invisibility. More on the chairs-in-an-auditorium fudge.

NEW PAPER, added 11/13/21, More Proof Sunspot Numbers are being Faked. More graphs faked by the Air Force.

NEW PAPER, added 11/6/21, Mathematical Analysis. Where I firebomb Euler and the math departments. Can't say they didn't have it coming.

NEW PAPER, added 10/18/21, George Smoot Crashes and Burns. I take down another Nobel laureate.

NEW PAPER, added 10/7/21, Why Mercury in Retrograde is a Real Thing. And how it works, using the charge field. You haven't seen this anywhere before.

NEW PAPER, added 9/27/21, The National Science Foundation Embraces Full-blown Fascism. It goes from covert to overt.

NEW PAPER, added 9/7/21, More Proof of the Sunspot Cheat. We study more mainstream data and charts.

NEW PAPER, added 8/22/21, Solar Emission of Gamma Rays. I show how the Sun produces Hydrogen.

NEW PAPER, added 8/21/21, The Dzhanibekov Effect. We fully unwind this one, embarrassing Terry Tao and others.

NEW PAPER, added 8/11/21, Breit-Wheeler, Brookhaven, and Brandenburg. We look at a new paper from PRL on creating matter from light.

NEW PAPER, added 8/10/21, The Halbach Array. A guest writer hits this one, with additions by me.

NEW PAPER, added 7/14/21, The Two-Slit Experiment Revisited. A new video at youtube allows me to hit this again, even harder.

PAPER UPDATE, added 7/9/21, The Bigger Polar Aurora Story. A new mainstream paper is being promoted on Jupiter's X-ray aurora. I destroy it in an addendum.

NEW PAPER, added 5/18/21, The EMC Effect. More proof of my charge channeling and nuclear architecture models.

NEW PAPER, added 4/26/21, Polar Wandering Caused by Climate Change? Of course not. It is caused by the Galactic Core.

NEW PAPER, added 4/13/21, The 3-body Problem Re-fudged. More misdirection from Israel.

NEW PAPER, added 4/8/21, The Muon G-2 Experiments. More proof of my charge field and equations.

PAPER UPDATE, added 4/6/21, Uranus is Emitting X-rays. It took NASA only four days to confirm my quasar theory at the end of this paper. Now they need to get busy confirming the new prediction in the update and implied in the original paper: that all quasars of this type are double.

NEW PAPER, added 4/2/21, Uranus is Emitting X-rays. Ouch.

NEW PAPER, added 3/17/21, The Spokes of Saturn. Charge recycling, of course.

NEW PAPER, added 3/6/21, The Bigger Polar Aurora Story. I explain the production of electrons at higher altitudes.

PAPER UPDATE, added 2/14/21, A Pi Test. A second reader has done more good analysis for us here, showing the effect of rolling radius.

NEW PAPER, added 2/9/21, Surface Plasmon Resonance. I tear this apart from the ground up.

NEW PAPER, added 2/2/21, January Sunspots. The USAF has taken over the pushing of data here.

NEW PAPER, added 1/30/21, A Pi Test. A reader gives us a new pi experiment to unwind.

NEW PAPER, added 1/20/21, The Epistemology of Science. How I did what I did.

NEW PAPER, added 1/13/21, Quantum Mechanics Explodes Again. The mainstream uses another big failure of theory to propose new particles that “may be of use in quantum computing”.

NEW PAPER, added 1/5/21, The Sunspot Numbers for December were Grossly Miscounted. The mainstream continues to implode, faking numbers in plain sight.

NEW PAPER, added 12/27/20, Quantum Spin Liquid. Where I explain the recent experiment at Argonne, once again destroying RVB theory and embarrassing the ghost of Philip Anderson.

ANNOUNCEMENT, added 12/26/20, Best of the Year. Vote for your favorite paper of 2020 in several categories, and drop a comment at Cutting Through the Fog. You have 70 of my papers on the art site to choose from, as well as 25 guest papers. Also 25 new papers on the science site.

NEW PAPER, added 12/21/20, The Finer Points of Cycle 25. In two words: inner planets.

NEW PAPER, added 12/6/20, NASA and HAO/NCAR begin Snuggling up to Me. Of course without mentioning my name.

PAPER UPDATE, added 12/5/20, The Big Smoothing Cheat. See p. 4, where I show more massaging of data.

NEW PAPER, added 12/4/20, The Big Smoothing Cheat. Where we see NASA, NOAA, and others fudging and hiding data from us in spectacular ways, to distort the start of Solar Cycle 25.

NEW PAPER, added 12/1/20, Solar Cycles: Miles v. the Mainstream. My Dutch collaborator Steven Oostdijk has written a long paper comparing my predictions to the mainstream's. In short, the current hard spike in numbers coinciding with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is a body blow to current dynamo theory. It confirms my charge models with huge exclamation points.

PAPER UPDATE, added 11/30/20, Negative Thermal Expansion. I have added many new diagrams here, plus more analysis at the end. Includes a nuclear and molecular diagram of Copper Oxide.

NEW PAPER, added 11/10/20, Fajans' Rules are False. I show you many more corrections to mainstream theory, using my nuclear diagrams.

NEW PAPER, added 10/3/20, The Righthand Rule. Where I clip my analysis of this problem from many other papers, and compile under its own title here.

PAPER UPDATE, added 9/10/20, The State of the Art in Physics Propaganda. A reader and I discovered some interesting things about that astrolabe, possibly even linking O'Dowd to Al-Khalili.

NEW PAPER, added 9/7/20, The State of the Art in Physics Propaganda. Where we look at PBS and BBC documentaries, finding them bereft of actual science.

NEW PAPER, added 8/30/20, Sabine Hossenfelder Implodes. That's it.

NEW PAPER, added 8/6/20, The Coin Paradox. The SAT question everyone got wrong. Or did they?

NEW PAPER, added 7/19/20, Ballistic Resonance and Fermi Pasta. We correct new theory using my charge field.

NEW PAPER, added 7/4/20, The Glory. My paper of yesterday allows me to also solve this one.

NEW PAPER, added 7/3/20, More Visual Proof of my Rainbow Model. More personal photos give us more information.

NEW PAPER, added 6/10/20, What Really Causes Auger Emission? My nuclear diagrams and charge channeling give us a simple mechanical answer.

PAPER UPDATE, added 5/25/20, How to Build the Elements. I have added three new diagrams of Argon, Molybdenum, and Tin. Thanks to reader Arlo Emerson, who sent them to me.

NEW PAPER, added 5/17/20, Johannes Keppler and his Third Law. A new derivation of the 400-year-old law, using the unified field.

NEW PAPER, added 5/16/20, Negative Thermal Expansion. A charge field explanation.

NEW PAPER, added 5/4/20, The Nature of Light. This is an overview paper of my work on light and photons.

NEW PAPER, added 5/4/20, Isaac Newton. I do Newton's genealogy, and a whole lot more.

PAPER UPDATE, added 4/30/20, Solar Cycles: another prediction. I have attached a short addendum here to my previous addendum, concerning warm period math and the number 11.

NEW PAPER, added 4/14/20, Einstein's Genealogy. This helps us understand the Einstein machine.

NEW PAPER, added 4/11/20, Squaring the Circle, part 2. I extend this old analysis from 2006, incorporating my pi=4 findings. I also show you why the circle maximizes area, and what this tells us about the charge field.

NEW PAPER, added 3/28/20, Scientific American: Spook Magazine. I hit them and Kastrup for the second time in two months.

PAPER UPDATE, added 3/19/20, Solar Cycles: another prediction. I have added a very important paragraph here, showing the mechanical and mathematical cause of the 1,000-year cycle of Warm Periods. This obliterates the Global Warming scare even more thoroughly than any previous argument.

NEW PAPER, added 3/8/20, Solar Cycles: another prediction. I connect the Solar Cycles to Global Warming.

NEW PAPER, added 2/29/20, Science Propaganda Continues to Accelerate. I pull apart a recent article at UnScientific American, including a further uncloaking of Max Tegmark.

NEW PAPER, added 2/2/20, Are You Ready for Some Good News? I now have the data and graphs to predict and postdict Solar Cycles in detail. This includes a detailed prediction of the current Cycle 25, plus a prediction of Cycle 26 as well. You will like it, both the graphs and the upcoming good times.

PAPER UPDATE, added 1/18/20, Lift on a Wing. In a new addendum, we see that Scientific American has just admitted the mainstream doesn't know why planes fly. That is the subtitle of their article this month, “The Enigma of Flight”. Wow. Read that article and then (re)read my 2012 paper.

NEW PAPER, added 1/14/20, The Next Maximum. This is a big one. With help from Oostdijk, I show the big four planets do indeed create a sign wave with the correct periodicity and amplitude to match the Solar Cycles. The main wave is created by an interaction with the Core, and if we add planetary alignments among themselves, we can explain the finer points of the Cycle. So we are very near to nailing this down at last. This also allows me to change my prediction for the next maximum. I had been proved right about the current minimum, but have so far been hedging on the next maximum, being unsure of the full mechanics. The next Cycle looks to be a strange one, explaining why I was tentative. Without this new information, not even I could have predicted it.

NEW PAPER, added 1/6/20, Ballooning Spiders. No, that isn't the latest band from Seattle, it is proof of my charge field. I send you to my science site for this one.

ANNOUNCEMENT, added 1/1/20, Best of the Year. Vote for your favorite paper in several categories, and drop a comment at Cutting Through the Fog. You have 80 of my papers to choose from, as well as 19 guest papers.

NEW PAPER, added 12/27/19, Solar Cycle 24. Where we look at failed mainstream predictions, showing why they failed.

NEW PAPER, added 12/13/19, The Latest on Solar Cycles. I share with you my discoveries of the past few months, concerning secondary influences on the cycles.

NEW PAPER, added 12/3/19, An Update on Solar Minimum. Is it finally ending?

NEW PAPER, added 12/2/19, Vanadium Dioxide. I show why VO2 acts like it does.

NEW PAPER, added 12/1/19, More Proof of my Double-Slit Analysis. We look at a Youtube video that confirms my analysis, while pretending to confirm pilot waves. I also analyze the channel, its owner, and his entire story.

NEW PAPER, added 11/19/19, Von Neumann the Fraud. The smartest person in history? I don't think so.

NEW PAPER, added 10/25/19, Principles of Electrodynamics. I tear apart the first 50 pages of Melvin Schwartz' famous book.

NEW PAPER, added 10/24/19, Jack Parsons and JPL. Where we look at the foundations of the Jet Propulsion Lab and Aerojet.

NEW PAPER, added 10/23/19, How can a Star be Older than the Universe? Or, how can mainstream science be so dense?

NEW PAPER, added 9/17/19, Fake Brain Science. An optical illusion as part of Operation Chaos. Plus more on El Paso.

PAPER UPDATE, added 9/15/19, So What is Really Going on Behind the Nuclear Programs? I despin a recent Google cover story, meant to explain cesium in the exhaust of exotic aircraft. See last addendum.

NEW PAPER, added 9/7/19, The True Cause of Diamagnetism. Also paramagnetism.

NEW PAPER, added 9/4/19, Converting Heat to Light. Comments on the recent experiments at Rice.

NEW PAPER, added 9/3/19, How Light Pulls Electrons Backward. I show you the field explanation, using real photon spins. Also brief commentary on Raissa D'Souza.

ANNOUNCEMENT, 8/21/19. My home internet has apparently been permanently disabled. No ISPs will work with me. See the tack-on to my paper on Sherlock on my other site for a fuller list of my recent travails. I have had to upload recent papers using a flashdrive and a friend's computer. Personally I am fine, and I thank all those who have emailed asking about me. The upside is that you have many new papers to read, both here and on my art site. I didn't stop writing during July and August. Also, my email at Paypal has changed from melisasmithus@yahoo.com to mileswmathis@yahoo.com. Any future book orders or donations should go to the latter address. Yahoo simply closed the former address without warning.

NEW PAPER, added 8/14/19, Why Mercury II Iodide Acts Like It Does. With nuclear diagrams.

NEW PAPER, added 8/6/19, Faraday and the Arago Effect. Where we look at the magnetization of Copper by spinning, as well as induction more generally.

NEW PAPER, added 7/21/19, Pluto Alignment. We study the results of the recent Pluto alignment.

PAPER UPDATE, added 7/8/19, More on the Solar Cycles. See last addendum, on faking the monthly average sunspot numbers.

PAPER UPDATE, added 7/1/19, Solar Minimum Blues. I have added another update, bottom of p. 2, showing you how they continue to fudge data to answer me.

ANNOUNCEMENT, 6/29/19, my fourth book The Charge Field is now available at Barnes&Noble online. I have placed my order, but I am told they won't be shipped until July 8, don't know why. It looks like B&N Nook Books is now stocking all four of my books. Didn't know that until today. So that is where we are on that.

PAPER UPDATE, added 6/1/19, Solar Minimum Blues. I have added a paragraph about Lisa Upton and Space Systems Research Corporation.

NEW PAPER, added 5/30/19, More on the Solar Cycles. Where we find the current promotion isn't so much a stealing as a masking.

NEW PAPER, added 5/28/19, The Mainstream is now Stealing and Plagiarizing my Theories. We knew it would happen.

NEW PAPER, added 4/29/19, Solar Cycles Confirmed. The Fourmilab app allows us to confirm that Solar Cycles are caused by planetary alignments and charge returning to the Sun from the planets.

PAPER UPDATE, added 4/28/19, Solar Minimum Blues. A kind reader sent me a link to a Solar System generator, allowing me to fine-tune my predictions for the tail-out of Cycle 25 after 2025.

NEW PAPER, added 4/26/19, Solar Minimum Blues. The mainstream is still misdirecting on the start of Cycle 25, and I am here to expose them.

ANNOUNCEMENT, 4/10/19, I am being overwhelmed with orders for the green book, but I won't have any for almost two weeks, so be patient. If you need one immediately, order from Barnes&Noble directly at the link below. For any other questions about ordering any of the books, go here. There you can find a chapter list for all current books, including the upcoming yellow book. You can see a mock-up of the yellow jacket there, too. You can't order the yellow book yet, so hold on. Probably by June 1, I am awaiting blurbs. All international orders will have to go through Barnes&Noble, since they have the shipping deals I can't get. All credit card orders must go through Barnes&Noble. I can do only paypal and personal checks. Oh, and thanks to the trolls who are confirming I am an ever larger threat. We love you guys. Every blockbuster needs a peanut gallery.

ANNOUNCEMENT, 4/9/19, My green science book Navigating the Atomic Nucleus is back in print after several years, in a revised second edition. You can order it directly from Barnes&Noble at this link, or order it signed from me. Just email me at milesmathis@protonmail.com.

ANNOUNCEMENT, added 4/4/19, My third book (green) has been out-of-print now for several years, but it will be available in a new and revised edition in about three days. Email me now to place a pre-order. My fourth book (yellow) is also a few weeks from publication, and it will be illustrated in color like the green book. I am not quite ready to take pre-orders for it, but I am fielding blurbs. This would be a good time for any ranking or degreed people to make yourselves known to world, and to me. Crossovers from the mainstream welcome and encouraged. Email me for a chapter list.

NEW PAPER, added 3/21/19, Comet Observations Prove my Charge Field. A new distant comet stumps the mainstream, but polishes my theory.

NEW PAPER, added 3/18/19, The Semi-Annual Variation in the Geomagnetic Field. I use charge channeling to explain this one, as usual.

PAPER UPDATE, added 3/18/19, The Eccentricity of the Earth. I have clarified and extended a few paragraphs here, including the field math.

NEW PAPER, added 3/12/19, More Proof of my Charge Field from Sound. Real photons, not phonons, explain this one.

NEW PAPER, added 3/7/19, Dark Matter is Light. ScienceAlert reports I am right again.

NEW PAPER, added 3/3/19, More on Gravity. This may clarify for some readers.

NEW PAPER, added 2/20/19, The Cause of Gravity, the Next Chapter. Possibly the most important paper I have published in several years.

NEW PAPER, added 2/18/19, The Kuiper Cliff. Where I compare this boundary of the Solar System to the Bohr Radius.

NEW PAPER, added 12/31/18, Reader Feedback. Vote for your favorite paper.

NEW PAPER, added 12/13/18, Beyond Velikovsky. More unravelling of the Velikovsky project.

NEW PAPER, added 11/27/18, Solar Cycle 25 has already begun. My revolutionary prediction of 2014 has come to pass, sending the mainstream even further under the bed.

NEW PAPER, added 11/17/18, The Kilogram is killed to sell the Kibble Balance. It's all about money, as usual.

NEW PAPER, added 11/14/18, The Fine Structure Constant Again. I simplify this problem down one more time, answering Feynman's biggest question in the most concise manner possible.

NEW PAPER, added 11/2/18, The Lie-Go Continues. Where we go another level down the rabbit hole.

NEW PAPER, added 9/28/18, New Particles? No, Bad Theory. I show that the mainstream is not detecting new particles at the south pole, it is detecting more proof of my core theory and my theory of through charge.

NEW PAPER, added 9/25/18, Stephen Hawking's Genealogy. Where I continue to demolish the Hawking impostor, showing he was a total fraud in all incarnations, even the original one. Also brief commentary on Edward Witten and others. Including a tack-on about the current Taos art scene.

PAPER UPDATE, added 7/31/18, Something for my Critics. I have added many more papers to this list, including two more #1's and several more #2's.

PAPER UPDATE, added 7/30/18, Something for my Critics. I have updated this paper on the Google ranking of a number of my articles, on a general search. In just the past 8 months, many have jumped up considerably, including Hollow Neon Atoms moving up to #1, and Saturn Anomaly, Galactic Rotation Problem, and Bending of Starlight all moving up to #2.

NEW PAPER, added 7/26/18, Aren't You Glad You Aren't Named James Webb Right Now? The space telescope that ate astronomy. . . twice. Also a tack-on concerning Elon Musk—another guy you wouldn't want to be right now.

PAPER UPDATE, added 7/4/18, They Finally Retire the Stephen Hawking Impostor. This project continues to unwind in spectacular fashion, taking many others down with it.

PAPER UPDATE, added 5/21/18, My Genealogy. In the recent libel, the best apparent hit of the anonymous author was on my ancestor Lucy Werne. But I have just falsified that claim at Findagrave, indicating it was manufactured. With that, the credibility of the author is destroyed, and with it everything he says. See p. 8.

NEW PAPER, added 5/16/18, The Magnus Effect, Lift, and Charge. Where we learn more about bending soccer balls as well as about lift on a wing.

NEW PAPER, added 5/12/18, Let's Party! A call for attendance at a little celebration.

PAPER UPDATE, added 5/8/18, My Genealogy. Josh has posted a reply to the latest at POM and I link to it, along with a few brief comments of my own as support.

PAPER UPDATE, added 5/6/18, My Genealogy. There is a new short addendum here, worth another laugh or two.

NEW PAPER, added 5/5/18, Black Hole Signatures Called into Question. Where we look closely at a recent peer-reviewed paper on black holes, finding that mainstream physicists are not all onboard.

NEW PAPER, added 5/5/18, My Genealogy. I link you to my other site for this one. It is a reply to the latest hatchet job on me.

NEW PAPER, added 5/1/18, A Reply to Michael Shermer and UnScientific American. Yes, it is a hot reply. How did you know?

NEW PAPER, added 5/1/18, Is the Electrical Universe Controlled Opposition? As it turns out, yes.

NEW PAPER, added 4/25/18, Polarizers in Sequence. I pull apart another Youtube video for my readers, showing the layers of misdirection we continue to get from mainstream physics.

NEW PAPER, added 4/20/18, The Solution to Tides, part 3. After eleven years, I finally have something new to say about tides.

NEW PAPER, added 4/17/18, Why is Curium the Last Semi-stable Element? I answer that question and a couple of others using my nuclear diagrams.

NEW PAPER, added 4/4/18, They Finally Retire the Stephen Hawking Impostor. You probably know Hawking “died” recently, but unless you are in the UK, you may not know that two months earlier The Daily Mail in London reported on my outing of him as a fake.

PAPER UPDATE, added 3/3/18, Cool Moonlight. I have added a section on the Purkinje Shift, explaining why we see a color change at night.

NEW PAPER, added 3/2/18, Cool Moonlight. More on antiphotons, including discussion of laser cooling and doppler cooling.

NEW PAPER, added 2/28/18, Additive Color Theory and Antiphotons. I return to color theory, making an important discovery.

NEW PAPER, added 2/18/18, Halton Arp, Quasars and Redshifts. Where we find redshifts aren't caused by doppler, and a whole lot more.

NEW PAPER, added 2/16/18, A New Form of Light? No! A new experiment at MIT shows once again the superiority of my charge theory.

NEW PAPER, added 2/7/18, The Big Lie-go. My third paper on Lie-go. I said I wasn't going to stop just because they won the Nobel, and this is proof.

NEW PAPER, added 2/3/18, The Galaxies Provide More Proof of my Charge Field. New evidence from Centaurus shows dwarf galaxies moving in grand charge arcs. I have also added two paragraphs to the end of my recent paper on Pole Reversals, as clarification.

PAPER UPDATE, added 2/1/18, Lie-go. I forgot to link to an update to this paper from last October, when the team at Lie-go won the Nobel Quasi-Prize for quasi-physics. But it is there if you want to read it.

NEW PAPER, added 2/1/18, Pole Reversals as Proof of my Charge Field. I explain the pole reversal of the Earth using charge rather than core dynamo theory, solving many mysteries.

NEW PAPER, added 1/13/18, What Rutherford really Proved about the Electron. Also more information about the positron.

NEW PAPER, added 1/5/18, Graphene. Where we see all the mainstream explanations are wrong. Why? Because they are based on electron bonding theory, which is a fudge from the first word.

NEW PAPER, added 12/18/17, Raman Scattering and the LASER. Where we compare mainstream light theory to mine, showing a huge mismatch.

NEW PAPER, added 11/9/17, Something for my Critics. That's right, I'm still kicking. I took a well-deserved break from my physics papers, but I will soon be back. Here I scatter the trolls, but I'll be pushing the charge field into new and broader environs in the coming months and years, don't worry.

EMAIL CHANGE, 10/18/17, please email me at milesmathis@protonmail.com. Emails to my old addresses may not get read.

PAPER UPDATE, added 7/1/17, Rational Wiki. More fun at RatDiki, where we watch the RatSims do their best to promote me without letting on.

NEW PAPER, added 6/25/17, We Watch LIE-GO Crumble. Forbes article indicates LIE-GO is BYE-GO.

PAPER UPDATE, added 6/2/17, The Cause of the Solar Cycles. A reader has tracked the declination cycles of the big-four planets against sunspot activity in two charts, showing an almost perfect correlation. See end of paper.

PAPER UPDATE, added 5/1/17, Climate and the Seasons. I have added a mainstream diagram of Mars' orbit, which confirms my contention that planets orientate their poles to maximize charge intake, both from the Sun and from the big-four planets.

NEW PAPER, added 3/12/17, New “Electron Paradox” again proves my Charge Field. I show that the “superballistic” motion of electrons in metals is not a paradox or quantum effect, but a simple outcome of charge channeling and photon potentials.

PAPER UPDATE, added 2/26/17, Lift on a Wing. In a second long addendum, a commercial pilot corroborates my argument with new links and findings of his own.

PAPER UPDATE, added 2/25/17, Levitation by Heat. I have added a link to a second recent (2016) mainstream experiment which also confirms my arguments here.

NEW PAPER, added 2/24/17, Levitation by Heat. I analyze a recent experiment and announcement from the University of Chicago, showing how it acts as proof of my theory of heat, my theory of rising charge, and disproof of mainstream theory across the board.

NEW PAPER, added 1/24/17, Rational Wiki. RW has a new page on me, but someone now wishes they didn't.

NEW PAPER, added 1/3/17, The Wilkes Land Anomaly and the Charge Field. I show the “gravity” anomaly in the Antarctic is caused by neither a giant crater nor by a buried alien object, but by the incoming charge vortex.

NEW PAPER, added here 11/26/16, The Case for Reality, and against the mainstream media. I just realized this paper has been sitting over on my art site for six months, despite having a science theme. So I have added a link here. It is a reply to Donald Hoffman and The Atlantic.

PAPER UPDATE, added 11/8/16, Gravity Waves of Propaganda, the Sequel. Since the mainstream announcement of gravity waves still hasn't failed after 9 months, I am updating my exposé of it with a few new comments and relinking it at the top of this page. Stephen Crothers has been raising hell on this subject for months, but the rest of you could be louder.

PAPER UPDATE, added 11/8/16, Proof that Pi=4. A reader has graciously sent me a gif that recreates part of the video being suppressed on Youtube and elsewhere, and I have embedded it in my paper.

PAPER UPDATE, added 10/9/16, Proof that Pi=4. The video mentioned in the update below has been removed from YouTube. It lasted 2 days after I linked to it.

PAPER UPDATE, added 10/6/16, Proof that Pi=4. The video mentioned in the update below has been reposted on YouTube and DailyMotion. See minute 11:15. Someone is on my side.

PAPER UPDATE, added 10/4/16, Proof that Pi=4. See addendum. As more proof of the suppression of science, we find that CalTech and Annenberg Learner have deleted their Mechanical Universe videos. All because I linked to one of them to help prove pi=4. If I were wrong, it would be easy to show, right, without deleting their own experiments and animations. So the fact that they are deleting their own presentations should indicate to you they are running scared.

NEW EXPERIMENT, added 9/25/16, Proof that Pi=4. A simple experiment shows you that pi=4 when motion is involved. This one comes all the way from the Netherlands, which is appropriate. You will feel like you have just visited some Netherworld when you see this.

NEW PAPER, added 9/10/16, More on the Running Track. This is to clarify my recent addendum to my paper on pi=4. I show that both the distances and velocities are being miscalculated in the curves on normal running tracks.

NEW PAPER, added 9/1/16, The Cycloid and the Kinematic Circumference. I use the cycloid again to explain very briefly why pi=4 when you have motion around a circle.

PAPER UPDATE, added 8/30/16, The Extinction of Pi. I have added a third addendum to the opening pages, showing more proof from mainstream experiments that pi=4. This time the proof comes from running tracks, as at the Olympics.

ANNOUNCEMENT, added 8/25/16, some of my readers have been confused by a guy on youtube with a channel called DraftScience. They think that is me. It isn't. He links to me and discusses my stuff a lot, apparently, although I haven't watched more than a couple of minutes. I don't know him, have never talked to him, and have no links to him. Although there is some resemblance, since he is about my age and blond, that is about it. His hair is much longer and less curly, he doesn't sport a goatee, and he smokes. I don't. [One of my readers warns you not to visit DraftScience's pages at youtube unless you wish his channel to appear all over your youtube sidebars and homepage.]

PAPER UPDATE, added 8/12/16, The Proton Radius Puzzle. The mainstream is recycling this major problem from 2014, so I am, too. But they are now “admitting physics is broken”.

ANNOUNCEMENT, added 6/4/16, My fourth annual physics conference is now being scheduled. It is set for the week of August 8. Email me now at mm@milesmathis.com to reserve a spot. Cost is $400 for five full days, lodging and food not included.

NEW PAPER, added 5/19/16, Proof from the Mainstream of my Quantum Spin Equations. Trinity College provides us with a new experiment to analyze.

PAPER UPDATE, added 4/9/16, Star Trek Force Field. In this update to this December 2014 paper, I do the math to calculate the boundary that LASP found at 7,200 miles, proving once again it is a charge field boundary.

NEW PAPER, added 3/11/16, A Critical Analysis of LIGO. By Stephen Crothers. Stephen has graciously allowed me to republish his recent paper showing the LIGO results are not the results of colliding black holes.

NEW PAPER, added 3/3/16, The Stark Effect. Not only do I show charge field causes of both the shift and the split, I show a new cause of spectral lines—one that has nothing to do with electron orbitals.

NEW PAPER, added 3/1/16, The All-Known-Physics Equation. I show this equation is bombast from first to last.

NEW PAPER, added 2/16/16, Matter from Light. I analyze the recent announcement from Imperial College, claiming the creation of matter from light within a year.

NEW PAPER, added 2/12/16, Gravity Waves of Propaganda, the Sequel. Where we find the farce repeated on a second stage of stooges.

ANNOUNCEMENT, added 2/12/16, The Un-unified Field, in Russian. My first book is being translated into Russian and Italian. Here is a first taste of the Russian.

PAPER UPDATE, added 2/3/16, Strange Plagiarism. Veterans Today has updated their article with a nod to my book, but still haven't put the quotes in their proper form.

ANNOUNCEMENT, added 1/30/16, Strange Plagiarism. Plagiarized text from my book the Un-unified Field at Veterans Today.

NEW PAPER, added 1/23/16, More on the Fine Structure Constant. I show yet another way to calculate and interpret the fine structure constant, using another gap in mainstream numbers.

NEW PAPER, added 1/20/16, The Bottom Baryon. I show that the new “beauty” baryon isn't a baryon and that the theory around it isn't at all beautiful. I show how to create it with spins instead of quarks.

PAPER UPDATE, added 11/22/15, Lift on a Wing. A reader supplies us with more evidence the Earth's charge field is a major player here. See addendum and my comments.

NEW PAPER, added 9/29/15, PBS Admits I was Right, 15 years later. PBS Spacetime admits my third wave theory is a viable theory. They then try to steal it.

NEW PAPER, added 9/25/15, Why Gravity is not a Function of Charge. A short paper, explaining why I have unified gravity and charge, but not resolved them into one field.

PAPER UPDATE, added 9/16/15, The Rainbow. A rainbow near my house allows me to extend this paper with more proof of the solar corona theory, with new pictures.

NEW PAPER, added 8/16/15, The Pentaquark. A better theory, using spin mechanics.

NEW PAPER, added 8/8/15, The Gas Discharge Lamp. Or, why Noble Gasses make good lamps. A better theory, using nuclear charge channeling rather than electron orbitals.

PAPER UPDATE, added 7/28/15, The Specific Heat Problem of Electrons. In a short addendum, I show in one line of math why electrons were found to add only about 1% to specific heat.

NEW PAPER, added 7/25/15, Spin Current without Magnetic Material. A new experiment proves my charge field again.

NEW PAPER, added 7/24/15, The Hall Effect: a Charge Field Explanation. I ditch electron holes, offering a logical and mechanical theory for the Hall Voltage.

NEW PAPER, added 7/22/15, The Specific Heat Problem of Electrons. I unwind another longstanding fudge from the mainstream, and correct it using the charge field.

PAPER UPDATE, added 7/21/15, The Eccentricity of the Earth. In a short addendum (see mid-paper), I link my new oval to Cassini's Oval, showing why Kepler's old ellipse equations had to fail.

NEW PAPER, added 7/7/15, What is the Kavli Prize? I show that, like the Fundamental Physics Prize, this one is also probably a front.

PAPER UPDATE, added 7/6/15, Gravity Waves of Propaganda. The New York Times admits that the 2014 claims were premature; top physicists now “hedging”. See addendum.

NEW PAPER, added 6/23/15, The Pushing Force of Light. And why light cannot pull. Refutation of both Minkowski and Abraham by analyzing a recent experiment.

NEW PAPER, added 6/13/15, The Derivative of sin5x. More evidence that the chain rule is fudged.

PAPER UPDATE, added 6/12/15, Variable Acceleration. I clarify this notorious and misunderstood paper by making it clearer that my comments on “the upside-down calculus” refer to manipulations with respect to time. It is the time variable that requires special treatment, and that falsifies most current solutions.

PAPER UPDATE, added 6/10/15, Trig Derivatives found without the Old Calculus. In a long addendum, I show the current proof for the derivative of sin2 x is fudged in several ways, one of which is pushing the chain rule. I show to how to find the derivative without the chain rule, and without fudging.

ANNOUNCEMENT, added 6/7/15. My third annual physics conference is now scheduled for the week of July 13th. If you would like to attend, there are a couple of slots still open. See announcement two lines below for more info, or email me.

NEW PAPER, added 6/3/15, Is Time an Illusion? NO. We look at recent magazine articles to find more misdirection in physics.

ANNOUNCEMENT, added 5/4/15, My third annual physics conference is now being scheduled. It is tentatively set for third week of July, but that could either be the week of the 13th or the 20th. Email me now to reserve a spot and let me know which week works best for you. I will then schedule it during the week that fills the best. Cost is $400 for five full days, lodging and food not included.

NEW PAPER, added 4/17/15, Stephen Hawking died and has been replaced. I show lots of photographic evidence that Hawking died in 1985 and has been played by an impostor since then.

NEW PAPER, added 3/15/15, The Phosphorus-Hydrogen Bond. Scientists recently admitted positive Phosphorus bonds to positive Hydrogen, and I show you why. The continued destruction of electron bonding theory, with nuclear diagrams.

NEW PAPER, added 2/15/15, An Argument for the Photon. A brief look at the unquantum model, showing that new experiments refute mainstream photon theory, but not the photon itself.

NEW PAPER, added 1/27/15, Photons Slowed Below c? Not really. Another poor interpretation from the mainstream causes more confusion.

NEW PAPER, added 1/8/15, My Bicycle Seat as proof of the the Charge Field . Where we look at a curious phenomenon.

NEW PAPER, added 12/9/14, New “Star Trek Force Field” more proof of my charge field . The mainstream reports more “puzzling” data, which of course confirms my charge field again.

PAPER UPDATE, added 11/11/14, Higgs Parade Gets Rained Out. In an addendum, we see that I was right: the mainstream has just announced today that the Higgs discovery of 2012 was rushed and pushed, and that there was never any indication the particle—if found—was a Higgs particle. Will Peter please return his prize to Stockholm.

NEW PAPER, added 10/21/14, An Analysis of Anderson Localization. A destruction and a replacement. Anderson Localization falls with the Drude-Sommerfeld model. Also a look at bio-reflectivity.

NEW PAPER, added 10/16/14, Dark Matter Detection? No, just more desperation from the mainstream. I show the axion is another fake particle, created to hide the charge field.
PAPER UPDATE, added 10/8/14, Climate and the Seasons. I have added about three pages to this paper, updating it and correcting it to reflect work I have done in the past 19 months.
NEW PAPER, added 9/30/14, Climate and the Seasons. I just found a paper from more than a year ago that I posted but forgot to link into this Updates page. So it is new to you, I think.
NEW PAPER, added 9/25/14, The Wool Spinners. Where I show my planted critics are reading from a script.
PAPER UPDATE, added 9/24/14, The Cause of the Solar Cycle. Due to reader demand, I have extended this paper, with two more "hindcasts," including the difficult current cycle. I have also gone more deeply into the mechanics, showing how the charge fields of the four big planets stack and interfere.
NEW PAPER, added 9/19/14, Solid Light? No, just another bad interpretation of the Charge Field. I analyze the recent paper from Princeton, claiming solid light, stopped light, or blended light. In doing so, I am able to explain high-temperature superconduction mechanically, including showing the physical cause of the Meissner Effect. My analysis includes a full nuclear diagram of a Copper-Oxide ceramic, showing how charge is channeled through the architecture. This destroys BCS and RVB theory, Cooper pairs, polaritons, dimer math, and the rest of the fudged pseudo-explanations of solid-state physics.
NEW PAPER, added 9/7/14, The Cause of the Solar Cycle. I do the unified field math, showing the cycle is caused by charge and magnetic influences from the four large planets.
NEW PAPER, added 9/3/14, Quantum Teleportation? NO. I pull apart the recent announcement, showing it is fudged in at least three places.
NEW PAPER, added 8/16/14, Using the Charge Field to Inflate Evolution Theory. Charge and the active enzyme.
NEW PAPER, added 8/8/14, Graham Hancock Unmasks Himself. Also an outing of Daniel Pinchbeck, Russell Brand, and Rubert Sheldrake.
PAPER UPDATE, added 7/22/2014. Rayleigh Scattering. I have included an addendum, showing how Rayleigh scattering is really an analoque of laser production, using a pumped field. This may help some understand my analysis. See near bottom of paper.
NEW PAPER, 7/12/2014. The Aberration of Starlight, including analysis of Airy's water-filled telescope, the Sagnac Effect, the Hammar experiment. and the Lodge experiment.
NEW PAPER, 7/10/2014. 80% of Light Missing? No, just more proof of my charge field.
NEW PAPER, 6/24/2014. Explaining the P-N Junction without Holes. I pull apart diode theory, including the misnamed tunneling diode.
NEW PAPER, 6/18/2014. Alternating Current and Inductance. I explain A/C with the charge field and real photons, clarifying several things, including the skin effect.
NEW PAPER, 5/21/2014. The Fourth Phase of Water. Part 2 of my analysis of Gerald Pollack's book.
ANNOUNCEMENT, 5/19/2014. My Second Conference. We are about a month away from my second conference and I still have a couple of chairs open. Contact me soon if you wish to attend.
PAPER UPDATE, 5/1/2014. My Opposition. A lesson from my critics, whereby they show us how they can box for a decade and never land a punch.
NEW PAPER, 4/18/2014. EVO's and the Charge Field. I analyze a short paper by the late Ken Shoulders.
NEW PAPER, 4/16/2014. The Fourth Phase of Water? I analyze several chapters of Gerald Pollack's popular book, showing his data is easiest to read as a result of charge channeling.
PAPER UPDATE, 4/16/2014. The Hydrogen Bond. I have replaced the water diagrams, to represent my newest understanding of these molecules. This changes none of the main argument in the paper, but does better match known data.
PAPER UPDATE, 4/13/2014. The Extinction of Pi. I have added a section on the cycloid to the first part of the paper, linking the arc length 8r of the cycloid to the kinematic circumference 8r of the circle.
NEW PAPER, 4/12/2014. Robert Hofstadter and Nuclear Bombardment. A re-analysis of three of Hofstadter's important papers from the 1950's. I show my nuclear model matches the data much better than the old models.
ANNOUNCEMENT, 4/9/2014. My Second Conference. Click for details.
NEW PAPER, 4/2/2014. Period Six of the Periodic Table. Including a close look at Hafnium, Caesium, and the Lanthanides. A new theory of Lanthanide Contraction.
NEW PAPER, 3/23/2014. The Polar Aurorae. We study the aurorae using the charge field, discovering many things.
NEW PAPER, 3/18/2014. Gravity Waves of Propaganda. I closely analyze the announcement of gravity waves, including the ArXiv paper.
NEW PAPER, 3/15/2014. Earth's Dark Matter Halo? No. I clear up more mainstream confusion.
NEW PAPER, 3/6/2014. Learn to Recognize Government Disinformation. I re-publish some of Edward Snowden's leaked documents, which prove that government agencies are indeed using lies and dirty tricks in online forums to discredit people.
NEW PAPER, 3/2/2014. Rewriting the Rayleigh Equation. A complete and total rewrite, from the ground up.
NEW PAPER, 2/28/2014. The Anti-Stokes Fudge. I expand my critique of Rayleigh scattering to include all anti-Stokes processes.
NEW PAPER, 2/28/2014. Wikipedia, Paid Editors, and Propaganda. The title says it all.
PAPER UPDATE, 2/28/2014. Hawking admits there is no Black Hole. In a short addendum, we find National Geographic acting as a lead propagandist for particle physics. Very strange.
PAPER UPDATE, 2/26/2014. The Rainbow. A couple more paragraphs added, these to answer questions from a reader.
PAPER UPDATE, 2/25/2014. The Rainbow. In an addendum, I show that the quadruple rainbow is impossible to explain sensibly with current light mechanics, but easy to explain with my mechanics.
NEW PAPER, 2/8/2014. The Proton Radius Puzzle: the simple solution. Using the charge field, of course.
NEW PAPER, 1/26/2014. Stephen Hawking Signals the End of Modern Physics. He admits there is no black hole.
NEW PAPER, 1/6/2014. Salt is not What We Thought, and molecular bonding isn't, either.
NEW PAPER, 12/10/2013. Nobel Prize Winner Boycotts Top Science Journals. Taking us down the rabbit hole again.
NEW PAPER, 11/18/2013. The Great Methane Stink. I closely analyze Methane, showing how electron orbital theory fails again.
NEW PAPER, 11/8/2013. The Two-Envelopes Paradox. More misdirection by the mainstream, to help them save entanglement.
NEW PAPER, 10/17/2013. Decoding Rosicrucianism and Freemasonry using the Charge Field. I show that the Unified Field helps us understand occult symbolism all the way back to John Dee, 1564.
NEW PAPER, 9/24/2013. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. With diagrams. I analyze the current theories of NMR and EPR, including Larmor precession.
NEW PAPER, 9/13/2013. Deuterium and Tritium. With diagrams. Plus analysis of proton-proton reaction in stars.
ANNOUNCEMENT, 9/5/2013. My First Conference. A brief report on our very successful conference.
NEW PAPER, 9/4/2013. Dielectric Polarization. Using my nuclear diagrams, I show that the current explanation is all wrong.
PAPER UPDATE, 9/2/2013. More Proof from Huffpost that Physics is Dead. In an addendum, I address a reader's claim that I use the wrong equation here, showing that the mainstream is the one who does that.
NEW PAPER, 8/31/2013. NASA's Space Caterpillar. I show the mainstream explanation is flawed in all ways. The wind is charge wind.
ANNOUNCEMENT, 8/27/2013.
My new book
Navigating the Atomic Nucleus is finally out in hardcover, with color diagrams. Click here to see full chapter list, and order directly from me. Softback out soon.
NEW PAPER, 8/26/2013. The Equatorial Anomaly. I analyze the data here, showing a better field explanation using charge. Includes the unified field math for the crests.
NEW PAPER, 8/24/2013. Evanescent Waves. I show this is just the charge field again, with no need for evanescent waves or tunneling.
PAPER UPDATE, 8/20/2013. On Quantum Nonlocality. I have added a clarification to my expanded wavefunction, to answer questions from readers.
NEW PAPER, 8/19/2013. Einstein, Black Holes and New York Times Propaganda. I analyze a recent newspaper article, showing how it proves we are now in a "post-science" age.
NEW PAPER, 8/18/2013. The Barkhausen Effect. I show that there are no domains.
NEW PAPER, 8/17/2013. Birkeland Currents. I analyze the current diagrams and theory, showing the charge field beneath Birkeland currents.
PAPER UPDATE, 8/8/2013. What Causes the Earth's Heat? Charge. I have added a link to a JPL paper, which admits to problems with the dynamo theory. I then show the easy solution, using charge channeling instead of a dynamo.
NEW PAPER, 8/7/2013. Lunar Phases, Charge, and Sleep. I analyze the recent experiments from Basel, showing that charge is once again the answer.
NEW PAPER, 8/5/2013. More from the Mainstream. I share some anonymized exerpts from a recent email exchange with the private sector, proving my nuclear diagrams allow me to make specific predictions.
NEW PAPER, 8/4/2013. A Letter from the Mainstream. I share anonymized excerpts from a set of emails from a mainstream physicist, confirming my analysis of the field.
PAPER UPDATE, 8/2/2013. My Opposition. Non-reader Doug De Vries sticks his neck out, and I obligingly take off his head. Go to bottom of paper to see the fun. If you don't like stuff like this, just don't read it.
NEW PAPER, 7/31/2013. Superfluids explained by the Charge Field. I analyze the current theory and replace it with a mechanical one.
NEW PAPER, 7/28/2013. Blackbody Radiation as an Attraction. I explain the new experiments with photon spins.
NEW PAPER, 7/26/2013. Hadronization. I show that QCD is nonphysical, nonmechanical, and nondynamical. In short, a conjuring from the void and nothing more.
PAPER UPDATE, 7/23/2013. Canada's Gravity Deficit. See addendum, where I respond to Weather Channel propaganda.
ANNOUNCEMENT, 7/15/2013. My First Conference. There will be a small conference for a few serious students of mechanics during the third week of August. Click to see details.
NEW PAPER, 7/12/2013. Voyager 1 and the Heliopause. I explain the mysterious new data with the antiphoton and my doubled wavefunction.
NEW PAPER, 7/10/2013. The Compton Wavelength as evidence for the Photon Wavefunction. Since the Compton Wavelength is currently defined as "the wavelength of a photon..." the wavefunction must go with the photon as well.
NEW PAPER, 7/1/2013. Venus Proves my Charge Field Again. Slowing rotation and accelerated winds can be explained easily with my spin models, but not at all by the mainstream or the Thunderbolts.
NEW PAPER, 6/24/2013. Hollow Neon Atoms? I analyze a recent article from Scientific American, showing proof of charge channeling.
NEW PAPER, 6/14/2013. Replacing van der Waals Forces with the Charge Field. Moving both the field and the wavefunction to the photon.
NEW PAPER, 6/11/2013. Black-body Radiation IS the Charge Field. I show the equivalence of various photon fields.
NEW PAPER, 6/7/2013. Re-assigning the Boltzmann Constant, also re-assigning Avogadro's Constant. Giving both to the charge field. The revolution continues.
NEW PAPER, 6/6/2013. The Drude-Sommerfeld Model, and the problem of heat capacity. I show a better model for both fields.
NEW PAPER, 5/31/2013. On Weak Allies. I answer a recent email, and make a few more amusing comments.
NEW PAPER, 5/30/2013. Olbers' Paradox. I show the easy solution, which confounds all current solutions. Also, I link Olbers' Paradox to gravitational lensing.
NEW PAPER, 5/27/2013. The Death of Polemics. The replies I get from mainstream scientists are as pathetic as the theories they hide behind.
NEW PAPER, 5/27/2013. On Quantum Nonlocality. I show that my superposition solution must destroy quantum nonlocality.
NEW PAPER, 5/25/2013. The Latest Hoax in Physics: Eric Weinstein. A hedge fund consultant as the next Einstein?
NEW PAPER, 5/23/2013. Photon Spin is REAL. The University of Glasgow (all but) admits it.
PAPER UPDATE, 5/20/2013. Superposition. I have finally answered a question asked of me by a reader, concerning the second spin. See the end of the paper.
PAPER UPDATE, 5/19/2013. Explaining Magnetism. My recent diagram of Iron has allowed me to update my old paper on magnetism, simplifying parts of it and jettisoning any mention of unpaired electrons.
NEW PAPER, 5/15/2013. Period 4 of the Periodic Table. In this long paper I provide the nuclear diagrams for many elements, including iron, cobalt, nickel, copper, germanium and bromine, showing the mechanical cause of many elemental characteristics. As a bonus, I also show how to diagram a Neodymium magnet.
NEW PAPER, 5/8/2013. Gauss' Electrical Law = Gauss' Gravity Law and they are both Unified Field Equations. I prove unification by going from one field to the other with simple variable substitutions.
NEW PAPER, 5/7/2013. Gauss' Law as a Unified Field Equation. I extend my comments from previous papers, showing how Gauss' equation is unified, and how the fields combine.
NEW PAPER, 5/6/2013. Lev Landau Fudges the Orbital Math. I closely analyze a text from 1960, showing the multiple pushes. I then correct the mistakes using my Unified Field Equation instead of the Lagrangian.
PAPER UPDATE, 5/2/2013. Uranium TetraFluoride. I have redrawn all the nuclear diagrams, to match the colors first used in my liquid Mercury paper. This may clear up some confusion. My paper on Building Uranium has also been updated in the same way. Hopefully all my nuclear papers now match in terms of colored disks.
ANNOUNCEMENT, 4/29/2013.
My new book
Navigating the Nucleus will be out soon. This is the cover. Click to go to blowup.
PAPER UPDATE, 4/28/2013. My Opposition. I get an email from UCDavis, to humorous effect. Skip to bottom of the paper for the update.
NEW PAPER, 4/25/2013. Time and the Photon. A response to AskaMathematician.com, on how the photon travels without experiencing time.
NEW PAPER, 4/23/2013. More Proof from HuffPost that Physics is Dead. Victor Stenger can't do highschool math.
NEW PAPER, 4/19/2013. Maxwell's Equations are Unified Field Equations, part 2. I show how Maxwell's vortices fail, how to correct them, and how to calculate the charge field from the Electrical Field.
NEW PAPER, 4/18/2013. Maxwell's Equations are Unified Field Equations. I show why, and begin a full analysis of Maxwell's displacement field.
NEW PAPER, 4/15/2013. Explaining the Density of Osmium. I show why Osmium is the densest stable element, using my nuclear diagrams.
PAPER UPDATE, 4/15/2013. The Semi-Empirical Mass Formula. I have rewritten the first quarter of this paper, to correct some confusion I had as to the mainstream theory. But this doesn't affect my critique of the theory in the last 3/4's of the paper. Nor does it affect the gist of my solution. The definition of magic number is wrong no matter how it is interpreted. With my correction, I show Iron is more magic than Calcium. I have also been forced to tweak my diagram of Tin, based on a new understanding of the nucleus from studying Osmium. See nuclear.pdf.
NEW PAPER, 4/12/2013. Canada's Gravity Deficit. I show that convection theory and ice sheet theory cannot explain the gravity maps, but charge can.
NEW PAPER, 4/5/2013. New Physics dies an ignominious death. I analyze a couple of recent articles from New Scientist to show that physics is dead.
PAPER UPDATE, 4/2/2013. The Magnetic Moments of Proton, Neutron and Electron. I have fine-tuned the math and mechanics between proton and neutron, matching the given numbers even more closely.
NEW PAPER, 3/31/2013. The Magnetic Moments of Proton, Neutron and Electron. I show how to calculate one from the other, using spin mechanics.
NEW PAPER, 3/28/2013. The Solar Neutrino Problem. The current solution is shown to be faked, and I show the real solution.
NEW PAPER, 3/28/2013. The PLANCK Probe's CBR Map. Clear evidence of local fields, and of charge.
NEW PAPER, 3/27/2013. The Moon's Ionosphere, as further proof of my charge field.
NEW PAPER, 3/26/2013. The Brightness of the Sky, or, the spectacular fudge that is Rayleigh scattering.
NEW PAPER, 3/22/2013. RFID Fields and the Nucleus. Recent photographs of the RFID field are actually photographs of the charge field.
NEW PAPER, 3/18/2013. Mystic Symbolism and the Charge Field. We look at the flower of life, the mandala, and the hexagram as representations of the charge field.
NEW PAPER, 3/16/2013. More on the Golden Ratio. Showing the link between phi and the inverse square law.
NEW PAPER, 3/13/2013. Magnetic Reconnection and the Solar Corona. I show that charge is the cause of the heat of the corona, taking you beyond the current theory.
NEW LINK, 3/11/2013. Stephen Crothers Speaks. Video of Crothers speaking in Albuquerque this year, revealing the fudges in the Black Hole "solutions".
NEW PAPER, 3/10/2013. More on Enceladus and Albedo. I show several large fudges in the albedo math, proving a cover-up of brightness.
NEW PAPER, 3/6/2013. Saturn's "Anemic" Magnetic Field. I show how to calculate Saturn's magnetic field straight from unified field numbers.
PAPER UPDATE, 3/6/2013. Mercury's Magnetism. Using my new charge field equations, I show that Mercury must have an offset center of mass, causing a suppressed spin. With perfect spin, Mercury should have 9 times the magnetic field.
NEW PAPER, 3/6/2013. The Strange Moon Enceladus. I show that Enceladus, Mimas, Triton, Uranus, and our own Moon prove my unified field, and confirm my theory of cometary brightness.
NEW PAPER, 3/5/2013. The Cometary Antitail. Comet theory is welcomed to the 21st century with a charge update, explaining many mysteries.
NEW PAPER, 2/21/2013. The Icecaps on Mercury prove my Charge Field. Charge recycling is the easy answer to a seemingly baffling mystery.
NEW PAPER, 2/18/2013. Quantum Mechanics meets Conspiracy Theory. A classroom skit at Columbia fails in spectacular fashion, with link to video.
ANNOUNCEMENT, 1/21/2013. My third book is coming out soon and I am now fielding blurbs for the back cover. If you haven't had a blurb on one of my other books, and have something appropriate, email me with it. If I print it you will get a free signed book. This one will concentrate on nuclear structure and charge recycling, but my rainbow paper will also be included, among other things.
NEW PAPER, 1/11/2013. Qualms concerning the Inflationary Scenario. By Bernard Lavenda and Jeremy Dunning-Davies. Reprinted by permission, including a new preface by Dunning-Davies.
NEW PAPER, 1/8/2013. NASA's Lunar Gravity Maps. I closely analyze the maps and interpretations from GRAIL.
NEW PAPER, 1/8/2013. GPS and General Relativity. I show that GPS doesn't use and doesn't need to use GR, but that this doesn't affect the truth of Relativity.
PAPER UPDATE, 1/7/2013. Another Hole in Celestial Mechanics. This paper from a few years ago, discussing Ralph Rene and the lunar orbit, has been updated. I posted a very faulty diagram, which I have corrected. This correction does not affect my main argument however. Current theory cannot match the given lunar motions with gravity only, and my new diagrams make that even clearer.

For those of you keeping score, that was 81 papers in 2012, up from 54 in 2011. That included 13 papers in March and 11 in December. Those who were worried I was slacking off in September should be reassured. A slow month doesn't mean I am finished, it just means I am painting.

NEW PAPER, 12/31/2012. Shoe Sizing as an analogy to Current Physics. A bit lighter paper to end the year.
NEW PAPER, 12/28/2012. The Einstein Field Equations, Part 3. I continue my previous analyses of the General Theory, concentrating here on subsection 13, where I show how the fundamental tensor fails.
NEW PAPER, 12/27/2012. The Einstein Field Equations, Part 2. I continue my previous analyses of the General Theory, concentrating here on subsection 5, where I show the total collapse of the proof.
NEW PAPER, 12/25/2012. The Einstein Field Equations, Part 1. I continue my previous analyses of the General Theory, going straight the original papers of Einstein.
NEW PAPER, 12/21/2012. More Problems with the Friedmann Metric. I show that the generic metric is mathematically compromised in many ways, the most important of which is its hidden derivation from x' = x - vt.
NEW PAPER, 12/21/2012. The Failure of the Friedmann Metric. I show how the Manhattan metric destroys the Friedmann metric, and all current metrics.
NEW PAPER, 12/21/2012. COBE and WMAP: Signal Analysis by Fact or Fiction? by Stephen Crothers. This is a republication of Crothers' article from Electronics World, March 2010.
NEW PAPER, 12/18/2012. A Higgs Update. A December announcement by LHC confirms my predictions from September, concerning multiple "Higgs" at the 120GeV level.
PAPER UPDATE, 12/18/2012. The Manhattan Metric. I have added an animation sent me by a reader, as well as a link to a Caltech video on youtube. Both support my analysis.
NEW PAPER, 12/17/2012. Why is Anti-Helium4 so hard to create? I do the math and the physics, showing that the mainstream explanations are wrong.
NEW PAPER, 12/16/2012. What is the Fundamental Physics Prize? I deconstruct all the PR since July 2012.
NEW PAPER, 12/12/2012. The Manhattan Metric. Where I show the specific links to Hilbert's math, further supporting my contention that π=4 in kinematic situations.
PAPER UPDATE, 12/10/2012. The Extinction of Pi. In an important update, I show that my pi=4 metric is basically equivalent to Hilbert's Taxicab or Manhattan metric, where pi also equals 4. This should silence my critics on this issue.
NEW PAPER, 12/5/2012. The Black Hole Math is False. A press release for Stephen Crothers, who has exploded the tensor math beneath black holes.
NEW PAPER, 11/29/2012. Cyclotron Radiation. Accelerator data proves the mass of the photon and radius of the electron.
NEW PAPER, 11/28/2012. Music from Jupiter. A song of the charge field. How radio waves from Jupiter prove my charge field once again.
NEW PAPER, 11/19/2012. Perturbation Theory in the Light of Charge. This is a continuation of my paper on Laplace, showing specific examples of the charge field in historical field equations.
NEW PAPER, 11/8/2012. CO2 and Charge. I show a better way to calculate residence times for CO2.
NEW PAPER, 11/4/2012. The Unified Field explains the Atmosphere. We look at oxygen, nitrogen, argon and CO2, finding that the charge field explains many things.
NEW PAPER, 10/24/2012. NASA Discovers my Charge Field...Again. Not "lonesome stars," but charge.
NEW PAPER, 10/22/2012. Sheldrake and the Skeptics. In which I show how both sides are manufactured to divert you.
NEW PAPER, 10/20/2012. A Conundrum concerning the Surface Area of a Sphere. The spherical surface area proof was done better by Archimedes than by this modern integral proof, which is pushed.
NEW PAPER, 10/19/2012. We Watch Pascal Finesse a Proof. The spherical surface area proof was done better by Archimedes.
NEW PAPER, 10/16/2012. Is Big G a Constant? No. A brief clarification on this, as well amusing commentary on Rupert Sheldrake and his detractors.
NEW PAPER, 10/13/2012. Helium4 a Boson? No. A long analysis of bosons, fermions, spin-statistics, and superfluidity.
NEW PAPER, 10/9/2012. Higgs Parade gets rained out. A full analysis and critique of the the paper at PLB, including a solution.
NEW PAPER, 9/28/2012. Diatomic Hydrogen. My new charge bonding explains this much better than electron sharing. Plus an analysis of spin isomers.
PAPER UPDATE, 8/30/2012. Splitting the Electron? No, not really. I have made a couple of corrections to this paper, to match it to findings in my two newer papers on the subject. My nuclear diagrams were a bit off, which threw off my math. I was able to correct the math on bond lengths, making it match data much better.
NEW PAPER, 8/25/2012. The Charge Profile of Sr2CuO3. How to read the data from Schlappa et al. correctly.
NEW PAPER, 8/24/2012. More on the Orbiton. A close reading of the letter at Nature, showing how the data is pushed.
ANNOUNCEMENT, 8/7/2012. My recent paper on Plate Tectonics is being published this month by the Australian Institute of Geoscientists, which bills itself as "the leading professional institute representing geoscientists in all professional sectors throughout Australia." Their professional journal is available to their subscribers only, but of course you can continue to read the paper here.
NEW PAPER, 7/31/2012. Splitting the Electron? No, not really. I show the holes in spinon theory, then present my own mechanical solution.
NEW PAPER, 7/28/2012. How to unify the constants G, k, and α. I show the simple equation, tying all three to the Bohr radius as well.
NEW PAPER, 7/27/2012. More Developments on G. I try to explain the 2.5 discrepancy between G and the cubed Dalton.
NEW PAPER, 7/26/2012. The LED lightbulb taps the Charge Field. "Atomic thermal energy" IS the charge field.
NEW PAPER, 7/19/2012. Dark Matter as Massless Photons in the 4th Dimension? No. A critique of "Through the Wormhole" theory.
NEW PAPER, 7/18/2012. Why is Mercury's Magnetism 1% that of the Earth? Simple equations show the answer. Also, more proof of charge recycling from the MESSENGER satellite.
PAPER UPDATE, 7/15/2012. Higgs Boson Found (under Bigfoot's Paw). If you haven't read the Higgs' paper since July 4, there are a couple of short updates now.
NEW PAPER, 7/5/2012. Higgs Boson Found (under Bigfoot's Paw). Another fiasco in the making.
NEW PAPER, 6/3/2012. The Schiehallion Experiment Exploded. Numbers from 1774 take a tumble.
NEW PAPER, 5/30/2012. The Sad Theory of Isostasy. I pull apart both the math and the theory, going back 160 years to do so.
NEW PAPER, 5/25/2012. What is the Fine Structure Constant? Not an amplitude, but a mass to charge transform.
NEW PAPER, 5/23/2012. An Experiment to Test the Charge Field. Plus an explanation for the hottest places on Earth.
NEW PAPER 5/21/2012. Plate Tectonics and Charge. Charge as the driving force of drift and tectonics.
NEW PAPER 5/10/2012. The White Rainbow. A new theory of cause for the fog bow.
NEW PAPER 4/19/2012. CHSH Bell Tests. Another bold mathematical cheat from the mainstream, done right under your nose.
NEW PAPER 4/19/2012. Pilot Waves? No. Charge. I pull apart "heretical" theory, including Bohm and Bell.
PAPER UPDATE, 4/16/2012. The Millikan Oil-drop Experiment. My new paper on the magnetic moment allowed me to correct and extend my commentary on Millikan.
NEW PAPER 4/16/2012. The Anomalous Magnetic Moment and the g-factor. I show that the magnetic moment is just e/√c, destroying all the current virtual math.
NEW PAPER 4/15/2012. The Majorana Fermion. There is no Majorana fermion, just charge photons.
NEW PAPER 4/13/2012. Logarithmic Derivatives without the Diminishing Differential. Part 3 of Michael Howell's provocative series.
NEW PAPER 4/11/2012. A Better Theory of Pair Production. I show a clearer and more extensive mechanics beneath the data and diagrams.
NEW PAPER 4/10/2012. The Radius of the Electron is e2. It is also 1/c2.
PAPER UPDATE 4/9/2012. The GOCE Satellite. I have added a page here of clarification, to better explain the data.
NEW PAPER 4/4/2012. My Relativity Corrections Simplified Once More. Taking the mistake all the way back to Voigt, 1887.
NEW PAPER 4/1/2012. One Thing is Certain: the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle is Dead. My response to the recent article at Scientific American.
NEW PAPER 3/31/2012. The Emitted Charge and the Ambient Charge. I show how to go from one to the other in the Solar System.
PAPER UPDATE 3/31/2012. Where is the Magnetism of Mars? I have updated and corrected my math by one line, giving an even better match to data.
PAPER UPDATE 3/30/2012. The Great Neutrino Muddle. The head of the experiment lab has now resigned, proving both that the neutrinos are not going over c and that contemporary physics is in a freefall.
NEW PAPER 3/28/2012. The Neutron. Some clarifications on the charge profile of the Neutron.
NEW PAPER 3/25/2012. What Causes the Earth's Heat? Charge. I calculate the total heat content of the Earth straight from the fundamental charge.
NEW PAPER 3/22/2012. Rewriting the Schrodinger Equation. I show that the current equation is badly finessed, and begin the work of replacing it.
NEW PAPER 3/21/2012. The Copenhagen Interpretation, and the fall of 20th century physics.
PAPER UPDATE 3/20/2012. Redefining the Photon. I corrected a simple mistake in the math, changing my final equation.
NEW PAPER 3/17/2012. The Designer Electron is a Photon. I explain the new experiments at SLAC.
NEW PAPER 3/15/2012. Redefining the Photon. Including an explanation for why light travels at c.
NEW PAPER 3/13/2012. Why the Current Light Equations are 6% Wrong. Commentary on my previous paper, plus an explanation of the 6% gap. I also added a few paragraphs to the paper below, to answer questions I have gotten.
NEW PAPER 3/11/2012. The Wavelength and Frequency of Light are Reversed. Light theory for 300 years is shown to be upside down.
PAPER UPDATE 3/11/2012. Why is the Sky Blue? My recent findings about light have required a small update and simplification to this paper.
PAPER UPDATE 3/11/2012. A Rehabilitation of Goethe. This, part 2 of my rainbow and colorimetry papers, also had to be updated to include my recent findings on photons and light.
PAPER UPDATE 3/7/2012. A Mainstream Response to my Dark Matter Paper. One last addendum.
NEW PAPER, 3/6/2012. The Principle of Relativity, or how Relativity hides the Charge Field. A rare old book reveals new things.
NEW PAPER 3/5/2012. The Mechanical Cause of Exponential Decay. by Michael Howell. Part 2 of 3. (Part one was on trig functions) More interesting ideas from Howell, extending my comments on calculus.
PAPER UPDATE 3/4/2012. A Mainstream Response to my Dark Matter Paper. Another short addendum, where I show the point of all this.
NEW PAPER 3/3/2012. A New Galactic Structure is more Evidence for my Charge Field. NASA Goddard has an interesting new discovery, and so do I.
PAPER UPDATE 3/2/2012. A Mainstream Response to my Dark Matter Paper. A short addendum, after a small flare up.
NEW PAPER 3/1/2012. A Mainstream Response to my Dark Matter Paper. A "bad astronomy" forum gives us a few laughs.
NEW PAPER 3/1/2012. Galactic Magnetism. I take a quick look at the press release from the Max Planck Institute.
NEW PAPER 2/29/2012. Rewriting the Rydberg Formula. I show how the Balmer equation and Rydberg equation can be rewritten to show the mechanics of the charge field. Part 2 of a two part analysis.
NEW PAPER 2/28/2012. More Problems with the Bohr Model. Part 1 of 2, preparing us to look at the absorption lines of hydrogen.
NEW PAPER 2/22/2012. The Toroidal Topology of the Electron? An analysis of Williamson and van der Mark's 1997 paper.
NEW PAPER 2/21/2012. The Heliospheric Current Sheet. More proof of my charge field, and proof against dark matter.
NEW PAPER 2/21/2012. Trigonometric and exponential derivatives without the diminishing differential. Another paper by Michael Howell, where he extends my work on trig functions, etc. We disagree on some things, but he has many interesting ideas here.
NEW PAPER 2/20/2012. How to Win an Argument about Relativity as Efficiently as Possible. The top five cards in your hand.
NEW PAPER 2/17/2012. Gravity and Mach's Principle. Extended comments on both, including clarification of my recent paper on the cause of gravity.
NEW PAPER 2/14/2012. A Fudged Proof of a=v2/r at Youtube. A reader requests I give this a thorough scrubbing.
NEW PAPER 2/10/2012. We Watch Maxwell Finesse a Proof. Another failed proof of a=v2/r.
NEW PAPER, 2/4/2012. A Defense of Erik Andrulis. Where I poke another hole in the modern propaganda machine.
NEW PAPER 2/4/2012. Lift on a Wing. Plus extended comments on buoyancy and on the raindrop problem.
NEW PAPER 1/29/2012. Reaction with the Noble Gasses. How the noble gasses react, with nuclear diagrams.
NEW PAPER 1/29/2012. The Charge Field explains Fractals. Michael Howell's third paper, including theory of plant symbiosis.
NEW PAPER 1/28/2012. Accelerating Expansion? No, more physics propaganda and bad math.
NEW PAPER 1/27/2012. Quantum Tunneling. Another awful fudge exposed.
NEW PAPER 1/26/2012. The Manganese-Aluminum Quasi-Crystal. A correction and a prediction.
NEW PAPER 1/23/2012. The Cause of Gravity. I show perhaps a better way to create the vector of gravity, without expansion.
NEW PAPER 1/19/2012. The Speed of Gravity. I show that the speed of gravity is not c, but infinite, by analyzing papers of Fomalont & Kopeikin, van Flandern, and Carlip.
PAPER UPDATE 1/19/2012. I have attached an addendum to two papers, The Saturn Anomaly and The Perihelion Precession of Mercury, showing that my 4% correction to GR was confirmed (unknowingly) by Bonse and Wroblewski in 1983.
PAPER UPDATE 1/16/2012. I have added a photograph of CD's edge to hole to my paper on diagramming the nucleus, to make the visualization easier for you.
PAPER UPDATE 1/16/2012. I have added a diagram of Lutetium to my paper on the Lanthanides.
PAPER UPDATE 1/15/2012. Electron Bonding is a Myth. I show that my nuclear diagrams match Max Born's charge diagrams from 1935.
NEW PAPER 1/11/2012. Uranium tetraFluoride, and other Fluoride Compounds. I diagram UF4, UF5, UF6, CF4, and SF6, showing that the current models fail.
NEW PAPER 1/10/2012. Radioactivity and the Sun. Where I show that my charge field easily explains how the Sun affects decay rates here on Earth.
NEW PAPER 1/10/2012. Photons, stacked spins, and the silver mean family. by Michael Howell. The second in my experiment with publishing other people's papers. Here, Michael extends my paper on the Golden Ratio phi into what he calls Silver Ratios. He shows some interesting number relations, which may be significant.
NEW PAPER 12/31/2011. The Pressure-flow Hypothesis is Wrong. My first paper on plant physiology, showing that my charge field fills in holes in xylem and phloem transport.
NEW PAPER 12/26/2011. An analysis of Meta-cinnabar. My nuclear diagrams show a better explanation of the special electrical properties of cubic HgS.
NEW PAPER 12/22/2011. Prologue to Planck's "Where is Science Going?" I reprint Einstein's introduction to Planck's 1932 book, with a bit of commentary of my own.
NEW PAPER 12/20/2011. The Hydrogen bond, explained without electrons. With a nuclear diagram of water.
NEW PAPER 12/6/2011. The Nuclear Shell Model of Wigner, plus a mechanical explanation of the Pauli exclusion principle. I show the deficiencies of previous nuclear models in more detail.
NEW PAPER 12/5/2011. Electron Bonding is a Myth. Elements bond via the charge field, not via electrons.
NEW PAPER 12/4/2011. The Charge Field of the Earth. I clip, combine, and compress some nice math from previous papers, showing the charge field in math and data.
NEW PAPER 12/4/2011. Magic Numbers and the SEMF. More diagrams show that Magic Numbers and the Semi-Empirical Mass Formula are another fudge.
NEW PAPER 12/3/2011. Why is Mercury a Liquid? The diagrams show why.
NEW PAPER 12/3/2011. The Oxygen Molecule. Why Oxygen combines, but not with itself. With diagrams.
NEW PAPER 11/30/2011. The Lanthanides and the Madelung Rule. How to build the Lanthanides. Plus the breaking of the Madelung Rule.
NEW PAPER 11/30/2011. Why you can ignore the Mayan Calendar Prophecies. Another look at the ice core charts.
NEW PAPER 11/30/2011. How to Build Uranium. How the stars do it, with diagrams.
NEW PAPER 11/30/2011. How the Elements are built. a mechanical explanation of the periodic table, by diagramming the nuclei.
NEW PAPER 11/23/2011. Was Physics taken over by the Intelligence Communities? Like Operation Mockingbird, but instead Operation Ostrich.
NEW PAPER 11/22/2011. What Are Neutrinos? An addition to my recent "neutrino muddle" paper, showing in detail the difference between spin waves and field waves.
NEW PAPER 11/21/2011. The Brave New World of Stephen Hawking. Hawking crosses the line from physicist pretender to state propagandist.
NEW PAPER 11/18/2011. Galactic Proof of my Quantum Spin Model. The Sky Survey gives us some interesting hints.
NEW PAPER 11/14/2011. The Vacuum Catastrophe. I solve the famous cosmological constant problem, called the worst prediction in the history of physics.
NEW PAPER 11/14/2011. The Susskind/Smolin Debate. I explode this "debate", including the anthropic principle.
NEW PAPER 11/12/2011. The Revolution is Now. I show that we are winning by visiting a physics forum.
ANNOUNCEMENT 11/11/2011.
My second book is now available for pre-ordering from Lulu.com, where you can get it at a 25% discount, hardback or softback. 29 chapters, 369 pages. It will also soon be available through Amazon and other outlets. And of course you can order signed copies from me, though I don't have any on hand just yet. Click on the pic to go to an enlargement where you can read the blurbs and so on. Special thanks to Joe Hyde for helping me to get this book to press.
NEW PAPER 10/23/2011. Star Formation. I analyze another page at Wikipedia, and suggest a better theory using the unified field.
PAPER UPDATE 10/14/2011. Rainbows, Prisms, and Non-edge Diffraction. Important new paragraph added, clarifying green as a mix, not a primary. See bolded paragraph about 4 pages in.
NEW PAPER 10/13/2011. Particle Physicists admit it: The standard model is dead.
NEW PAPER 10/12/2011. The Michel-Levy Chart proves that light has four primary colors. Michael Howell, one of my readers, sent me evidence from his study of petrography that supports my rainbow/light refraction papers.
ANNOUNCEMENT 9/27/2011. The release of my second book has been delayed a bit, due to me working on other things. So you still have time to submit a blurb for it. If you didn't get one in last time, or if I didn't use yours, send me one or send the old one that didn't get published, to remind me. I still need a couple more.
NEW PAPER 9/23/2011. The Great Neutrino Muddle. Caused by a simple failure to calculate a margin of error.
NEW PAPER 9/17/2011. The Laws of Refraction. A refutation of the recent experiments at Harvard SEAS.
PAPER UPDATE 8/19/2011. My Opposition. I have added an amusing addendum.
MESSAGE 8/14/2011. My second book is about ready to send to the publisher, so I am seeking blurbs and an introduction. This book will concentrate on the charge field discoveries I have made in the past year, starting with the Lagrangian as unified field equation. The blurbs can come from anyone, but I would like the introduction to be from a working physicist, astronomer, or mathematician. I know that some big names are lurking in the shadows here, so this is your chance to come out into the light and be counted.
NEW PAPER 8/8/2011. More on the Mass Gap and Yang-Mills. Why my correction to the calculus answers Yang-Mills.
NEW PAPER 7/25/2011. The Cosmological Constant is the Charge Field. I show you why, and answer other questions.
PAPER UPDATE 7/8/2011. Superposition Again. I have added an addendum, mentioning the so-called quantum eraser, and showing that polarization itself is proof of my mechanics. The photon as point particle cannot be polarized.
MESSAGE 6/14/2011. My second book is coming out in about three months (maybe sooner). I am compiling it now. One of my readers offered to underwrite the whole thing, which allows me to bring it out a bit sooner than planned. So look for that some time around September 17.
NEW PAPER 6/9/2011. An Analysis of the Dynamical Casimir Effect, including a look at the Sokolov-Ternov Effect.
NEW PAPER 5/29/2011. An Analysis of Dark Matter. A close reading of the Wikipedia pages on Dark Matter and Dark Energy.
NEW PAPER 5/29/2011. Science Reporting Falls Another Notch. 22 year old undergrad makes major discovery? No, more propaganda.
NEW PAPER 5/22/2011. Einstein was Right: modern physicists and reporters are just party people. New mainstream "confirmation" of dark matter and a dark universe is raw speculation, based on bad math and theory.
NEW PAPER 5/21/2011. The South Atlantic Anomaly and the charge field. A new explanation of the SAA.

Continued on Updates page 2.