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This page lists the errata of my book The Un-Unified Field. Any author is embarrassed by errata, and I join the millions. What caused the errata in this case is the fact that my publisher couldn't accept a manuscipt in any form except MSWORD. They couldn't accept OpenOffice, which is what I use; nor could they accept a PDF, which can easily be created from OpenOffice. Unfortunately, when you ask OpenOffice to create a WORD document, all your superscripts, subscripts, and special characters are deleted or mangled. We had to replace hundreds of square root signs and other mathematical symbols, as well as rewrite all the supers and subs. We also had to check every indention, every italics, and every font size, all of which seemed to change at random and day to day. Obviously, we missed some things, despite weeks of work. I suppose the current method is somewhat superior to the old method of setting type by hand, but there is still huge room for improvement. In the time it took me to tell my invisible editor everything three times via email, I could almost have written the damn thing out longhand or typeset it with my feet.

The greatest problems I have found are in chapter 6, Unifying the Proton and Electron. Many superscripts have fallen, making the equations hard to make sense of for the first-time reader.

p. 48, line 14, 22 should be 22
line 16, 24 should be 24
line 20, 22 should be 22
line 21, 24 should be 24
line 22, 26 should be 26, 211 should be 211, 214 should be 214
p. 60, line 22, 29 should be 29
p. 61, line 6, 28 should be 28
p. 62, one line from bottom, 24 should be 24

Also, there is a calculation error in chapter 6. The 211 on line 22, p. 48 should be 210. This does not affect the electron or proton, since that is level 3. The electron is level 1 and the proton is level 4. But it does require some factor of 2 corrections to chapter 7, on the mesons. Primarily, it puts the muon a factor of 2 above level three, not at it. The muon is at 211.

In the beginning of chapter 14, Celestial Mechanics, two paragraphs are repeated.

Page 289, fourth line from bottom. Some garbage after the period, a gift from the publisher's computer. Disregard.

On page 298, in the chapter on Bode's Law, one of the square roots is lost, 4 lines from the bottom.

I am sure there are many other typos and errata, and I will add them here as I find them or am told of them by my readers. Please accept my apologies.