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by Miles Mathis

As you know, mainstream physics is funded in the amount of billions of dollars, perhaps trillions worldwide. And yet, as I have shown, it has produced very little lately but big machines and big claims. Well, no, it has also produced big fake equations and big fake theories, based on bluster and fudge. It has spent a large amount of its funding on PR, to convince you and your governments to continue to fund it. The magazines and books and internet are filled with many words glorifying the various top dogs and their theories, but these words act as misdirection, to lead you away from the realization that these people have failed to solve all the big problems. They have not only failed to solve them, they have made them worse. They have pasted them up and hid them behind a lot of fancy meaningless math, more each decade. String theory is the perfect example. It hasn't solved any of the old problems, it has just buried them deeper under a pile of formalisms and a mountain of math.

More and more people are coming to realize this is true, even within academia. The physicists themselves are growing tired of the game. Deep down, many are embarrassed, and they are tired of being embarrassed. I know this for a fact since some of them write me and tell me so. They understand that nothing important has been done in about 80 years, and that even the things done back then have been oversold. But they can't say this outloud because they are scared. Physics is heavily policed, and everyone in the field is scared to lose his job or his funding. So they all have to pretend to toe the party line. They have to pretend that what they have been taught is sensible, and they have to pretend that it makes sense to defend it. No one can admit that the Titanic has hit an iceberg and that it is going down fast.

Of course this applies only to the honest people in the field. As in every other field, there are many in physics who are happy to do what they are paid to do, no matter the truth of it. If they are paid to police the field, to attack outsiders and shame insiders, that is what they will do. If they are paid to hound questioners and belittle anyone who looks sideways at the standard model, that is what they will do. If they are paid to write empty articles for the magazines, glorifying the status quo, that is what they will do. If they are paid to troll the internet and pester people in forums, that is what they will do. There is no end of harm that can be done by these petty administrators, and they are happy to do it. They will tell you the Titanic is safe, even as the cold water rises above your waist.

You may want to ask yourself why a physics that is funded to the tune of trillions would need to spend resources attacking lone guys like me, funded to the tune of nothing. If physics were really healthy and on the right track, it could afford to ignore guys like me completely. Do the Lakers spend any time or money responding to Knicks fans who write nasty things on blogs? No. Why not? Because the Lakers are a going concern: they are not threatened by one guy in Hoboken or Queens. There is nothing that one guy could say that would jeopardize their franchise. But physics is not so sure of itself, despite what we are told. It knows how vulnerable it is, which is why it must stop up every little leak. It simply cannot allow a dialogue or a bilateral discussion, because any real openness jeopardizes the whole house of cards that is modern theory and math. So, as in politics, we hear a lot about openness, but we never witness any of it. We get a lot of empty words about free inquiry, but we don't see any free inquiry. In physics, you are free to inquire what you are supposed to believe this year, but that is about the extent of your freedom.

If any of this bothers you as much as it bothers me, you might consider pushing a sliver of the funding in the other direction. I have shown how much can be done with almost nothing, but even I have to eat and pay rent. I have had sources of funding up to now (that will remain anonymous), but those have recently run out. Unlike the stuffed shirts in the magazines, I don't need or even dream of a trillion (there was an article in Scientific American this month, I believe, featuring some top researchers who were dreaming about what they could do with a trillion dollars). In fact, I have done what I have done on less than $20,000 a year, and I can continue to do it. I require no more than that. I only require free time to think, and freedom from mainstream pestering.

I know from experience that asking for funding will be seen as a sign of weakness, and that it will be seen as a new signal to pester me with advice on my writing style, my levels of confidence, my choice of art models, and my choice of barbers. So if you don't have any money, don't read this as your chance to get a leg up on me. It won't work. I don't need any advice on how to live my life and I don't care what you think.

But if you do have money and you agree with the direction of my work, now is the time to help. You can either remain anonymous or I can thank you at the top of my page, it doesn't matter to me. I will be equally grateful to you and to the Muses either way.

Finally, if you are one of the honest mainstream physicists I talk about above, who are keeping quiet so that you can continue to feed your family, you might think about quietly emailing me some information, as some of your colleagues have done. I can sometimes use this information to push along my argument. You can think of me as a sort of Physileaks, or Academileaks. I can continue to speak out for all of us. I can continue to take the heat for all of us. I don't mind it. I can handle it. They aren't paying my check, so they can't influence me.

If this paper was useful to you in any way, please consider donating a dollar (or more) to the SAVE THE ARTISTS FOUNDATION. This will allow me to continue writing these "unpublishable" things. Don't be confused by paying Melisa Smith--that is just one of my many noms de plume. If you are a Paypal user, there is no fee; so it might be worth your while to become one. Otherwise they will rob us 33 cents for each transaction.