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by Miles Mathis

A particle physicist at MIT
shows that astrophysics is gravity only

The recent earthquakes in Japan have reminded us of this phenomenon, although it has long been known. It was dismissed by mainstream physics as a myth until the earthquake swarm in the 1960's in Japan, when many pictures were taken. Take note, for this reminds us how new our science really is, and how “skeptical” it is. Skepticism is now sold as a positive attribute of science, but we see again and again that a pig-headed refusal to look at evidence is often sold as skepticism. We will see that again here, where I will show that mainstream physics is refusing to look closely at evidence, or to consider the most likely causes of that evidence.

In a series of recent papers, I have proved beyond any doubt that mainstream physics has buried its head in regards to the charge field, as far back as the time of Laplace and Lagrange. The so-called Great Inequality of Jupiter and Saturn was clear evidence of the charge field, as was the development of the Lagrangian. Both required the presence of a second fundamental field, present at all size levels, quantum and celestial, but physics found a way to ignore this. It diverted itself, through Byzantine channels of argumentation, into ungrounded mathematical models, and it has done this ever since. More recently, we see glaring evidence from the Moon ignored nightly, as the obliterated near crust of the Moon screams of the presence of the charge field, but no one hears. NASA has long known of the negative tide at the front of the Moon, the schematic is published all over the place, but no on sees what this must mean.

Here, we find evidence just as loud being ignored in full daylight. We have lights linked to earthquakes, and since light is an electromagnetic phenomenon, we must have strong electromagnetic waves present. And yet no one appears to realize that this means that seismic waves cannot be, at bottom, simply material waves. We are taught that seismic waves can be body waves or surface waves, each either transverse or longitudinal, but we are never told what causes these waves. We are left with the impression that they are like sound waves, created simply by compression, and that therefore there needs to be no underlying cause of the sort I am talking about. Motion is the only cause, I will be told. But do we have any evidence of that? No. In fact, we have much evidence to the contrary, and earthquake lights are just a small part of that evidence. I will show that seismic waves are not caused by simple motion in the crust, or below it. They are caused by electromagnetic waves.

As with most other science, the science of earthquakes tends to get bogged down in a description of effects, never addressing fundamental causes. In this way, we are taught all about P and S waves, Love waves, Rayleigh waves, and so on, but we are never taught the genesis of all these motions. We aren't taught it, because it isn't known. As with the cause of earthquake lights, it isn't known. At least this is admitted with earthquake lights, where even Wikipedia admits that the various theories are just wild stabs, with no data one way or the other. For instance, one leading theory tells us that earthquake lights might be caused by quartz being compressed, which creates a piezoelectric effect. But no one has shown or even tried to show that earthquake lights are present when crystals are present in abundance, and absent when crystals are absent. That would be fairly easy to do. I assume the data is negative, and that they know that, which is why they avoid looking at it.

As I have already implied, earthquake lights are very conspicuous raw data themselves, which tell us that seismic waves are electromagnetic waves. Yes, these electromagnetic waves then cause material waves in solids and liquids, but the solid and liquid waves are secondary. They are not uncaused, or caused only by motion. Both the motion and the solid and liquid waves are caused by electromagnetic waves. So again, current science is upside down. It tries to explain electromagnetic waves in the earth or the atmosphere by solid waves, when the reverse is true: it is the electromagnetic waves that cause the waves of ground, water, and air.

I will be asked why the Earth should be filled with these electromagnetic waves, and I can only answer “for the same reason everything else is.” The universe is filled with electromagnetic waves, and collections of matter like the Solar System are especially rich with them. The Sun recycles the charge field coming from the galactic core, and the Earth recycles the charge from the Sun. All are engines of the charge field, differing only in size and scope. The Earth pulls in charge at the poles and re-emits it everywhere else. So charge is moving up through the Earth all the time. It only requires variation in density to create variations in charge, which then create charge waves. It is these charge waves that drive all other motions in the Earth's crust, its waters, and its atmosphere. Yes, what we call gravity is a player here as well, since this is a unified field effect. But since we already know about gravity, I only need to talk here about charge. Gravity hasn't been left as a hole I need to fill.

But back to the earthquake lights. Given the lights, the most logical theory would be that the seismic waves create the lights directly. That is, the seismic waves do not stop at the level of the earth, they continue up into the atmosphere. Unless we are shown evidence to the contrary, that is the natural supposition, since there is no hard boundary at the surface of the Earth. Yes, we go from solid to gas, but we do not go from solid to vacuum. Even were the seismic wave strictly a compression wave, it would still continue up into the atmosphere, since the atmosphere is material. But if we suppose that the seismic wave is fundamentally an electromagnetic wave, this doubles our bet. The atmosphere is full of ions, even in the lower levels, so the ladder this wave climbs is even clearer and stronger. The earthquake light is then just the seismic wave showing itself in the atmosphere.

I will be asked why we see it sometimes and not at other times. Simply because atmospheric conditions vary. If there are a lot of ions in the air, the seismic waves will light them up. If not, not. To start with, we may assume that earthquakes don't cause or require certain atmospheric conditions: they can erupt under any sort of sky. The seismic waves then conjoin with the given atmosphere, either creating visible light or not. You will say that is just a hypothesis, as bald as any other, but it is confirmed by recent experiments. In 2005 and 2006, several Japanese authors published papers under the titles, “Conditions of atmospheric electricity variation during seismic wave propagation”
1 and “Generation Mechanism of Earth Potential Difference Signal during Seismic Wave Propagation and its Observation Condition”.2 These papers shows just what I am saying: the seismic waves are the direct cause of the atmospheric electricity variations, without any piezoelectric additions, without crystals, without consideration of the ionsphere, and so on. The only reason we don't see the same atmospheric phenomena at all sites is that the atmosphere was not the same to start with. The variation in the atmosphere is dependent on two factors, not one. It is dependent on the local atmospheric conditions, and it is dependent on the quake conditions. The two together create the effects we see.

But the main reason this Japanese paper is confirmation of my theory is that if seismic waves were NOT electromagnetic, we would expect to see NO atmospheric electricity variation during seismic activity. This is precisely why mainstream physics resisted earthquake lights until 1965. With earthquakes as compression waves, there was no good way to explain earthquake lights. They must be a myth. However, please notice that mainstream physics has not been corrected by this data. They have accepted the data but have refused to incorporate it. That they have refused to incorporate it is obvious in the types of theories put forward for earthquake lights since they have been admitted. Not one of the theories since 1965 even tries to link the seismic waves to the lights. All the new theories are the attempt to keep the original theory, simply pasting an addendum to it. First, they assume that the seismic waves cannot be electromagnetic themselves. This being so, the earthquake lights must be caused by some chain of events, but not directly. That is, the seismic waves cause compression in crystals, which cause piezoelectric effects, which then percolate up into the atmosphere. Or, the seismic waves create a disruption in the magnetic field above the quake (by a mechanics not given), and this magnetic field disruption causes the lights. Never is it proposed that the seismic wave simply continues on up into the atmosphere, causing the lights by direct means. That can't be proposed, because that would require that the seismic wave be electromagnetic to start with.

Notice that this chain of reasoning of the mainstream begins with an assumption that seismic waves cannot be electromagnetic waves. Why would they assume that? Well, they assume it because up until the last fifty years, and even into the present decade, no one has wanted to admit the presence of the charge field as a major player except in quantum interactions. If you start to admit the charge field as a major player in quakes, you have to start fielding questions about the charge field affecting celestial equations, and that is the last forbidden topic. The big boys don't want you messing with their celestial equations, which they got straight from Newton, Laplace, Lagrange, and the other demigods of physics. Unfortunately, we now have recent experiments that show that quakes are indeed caused by E/M potential differences. One of these same Japanese authors, N. Takeuchi, showed in 1995
3 and 19984 that seismic activity was directly linked to electromagnetic potential. In the abstract of the first paper, it says

For all earthquakes with seismic intensities of more than 1 at Sendai we have observed clear variations in the potential difference signal. The observed electric P and S wave arrival times agree exactly with seismic data obtained by the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA).

And the abstract of the second paper ends with,

The estimated ratio between the earth electrical field (potential difference) and the pressure difference in the ground, i.e., the coupling coefficient, was found to be reasonable based on the streaming potential model.

That's pretty clear, I would say. If you need more evidence of the E/M nature of seismic waves, you will find it just about anywhere you look for it. All you have to do is remove the blinders you have been fitted with by the mainstream, and the charge field becomes a ubiqitous and obvious player in a thousand phenomena and experiments. Just as another (somewhat lighter) example, I will close by reminding you of the well known phenomenon of animals knowing when an earthquake is coming. This has been passed off as a better sense of hearing or a finer sensitivity to tremors, but it is much more likely that animals are sensing E/M fluctuations. We already know that animals use the E/M field in a multitude of ways, and there is even a scientific term for it, “magnetoception.” It has been shown in everything from bacteria and fungi to crocodiles and bees, though perhaps its most famous user is the homing pigeon. Recently, in the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, it was reported that animals like cows and deer feed by aligning themselves to the ambient field, and that power lines could disrupt this alignment.* Even humans have shown such sensitivity, though it is weak compared to other animals. Given that, we have a clear and easy mechanism for earthquake sensitivity. It also suggests a new and better mechanism for earthquake early warning. Currently, this warning is done by monitoring P waves or other seismic activity. But I suggest it would be better to monitor the E/M field directly, as animals do. If our machines were very sensitive magnetoceptors, instead of crude motion detectors, we could warn before the main motions started, instead of after they have started. Remember, the E/M field moves much quicker than the matter field, since it is mediated by photons. It is always preferable in such a situation to monitor photons (or electrons) than it is to monitor molecules. Current early warning systems only give us a few seconds of warning, which is fairly pathetic. Just yesterday (April 6, 2011), top seismologists in California recommended spending $80 million on a warning system for the state that would give only about a ten second warning. We have been told in recent stories that the Japanese system gives up to 30 seconds or a minute, but that is pushing the numbers. The minute is the time it took the quake to reach Tokyo from the point of monitoring, not the time it took between local detection and local quake. I am not an expert on this subject, but from doing a bit of research, it appears California could save a great deal of money by installing dogs or crocodiles or pigeons over prominent faultlines, and monitoring their reactions, instead of monitoring P waves. Even better, of course, would be to spend the money developing magnetoceptors or charge receptors that don't reside in the heads of animals.

Many readers will pass by this as a joke, but they just haven't done their research. If you go to this widely available National Geographic article** (which comes up first on a search), you will learn enough to open your eyes, perhaps. I will circle two things in it. One,

There have also been examples where authorities have forecast successfully a major earthquake, based in part on the observation of the strange antics of animals. For example, in 1975 Chinese officials ordered the evacuation of Haicheng, a city with one million people, just days before a 7.3-magnitude quake. Only a small portion of the population was hurt or killed. If the city had not been evacuated, it is estimated that the number of fatalities and injuries could have exceeded 150,000.

Notice that the warning was given days in advance, not seconds in advance. Two,

American seismologists, on the other hand, are skeptical. Even though there have been documented cases of strange animal behavior prior to earthquakes, the United States Geological Survey, a government agency that provides scientific information about the Earth, says a reproducible connection between a specific behavior and the occurrence of a quake has never been made.

See, pig-headedness sold again as skepticism. Could it be that a reproducible connection hasn't been made because US scientists have made little or no effort to make it? Yes, in fact, the USGS admits it, in the article. They made "a few studies" in the 1970's, and then quit. That about sums up the gumption of American science, I would say.


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