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by Miles Mathis

Many have asked me if my theory is a GUT, or a grand unified theory. So far, I have not sold it as one, and that is because I was offended by the GUT's that came before. They were so wrong-headed and presumptuous, I wanted to have nothing to do with the whole idea. But I have had to field so many questions about this, I have decided to write a short paper about it.

A GUT is currently defined as a theory that would combine the four existing fundamental forces, those being gravity, E/M, strong and weak. A successful GUT would combine not only the current theories, but the current maths. Well, I certainly can't claim to have done that, since I have shown that two of those forces don't even exist. I have ditched the strong force as unnecessary, since we have no data indicating that the E/M field exists in the nucleus in the way we have been told. The strong force was postulated to counteract E/M in the nucleus, but a better theory is that it does not exist there as a repulsive force. I have shown mechanically and logically why it wouldn't exist there in that way, so all the work done on the strong force has just been busywork. [Also see my new papers on nuclear charge channeling.] This works out well, since the strong force is the most tenuous of the four. The math and theory underlying the strong force are razor thin, and very little is lost in jettisoning it.

The same can be said for the weak force. Although something is going on with the weak force, and it hasn't been made up from whole cloth like the strong force, it turns out that current theory was right to backslide into electroweak theory. The weak force was initially sold as an independent force of nature, but after the Nobel Prizes were awarded, the theorists admitted that the weak force was probably just a comrade of E/M. They were right in that. The weak force isn't a force at all, it is just a fluctuation in the E/M field seen in certain collisions (beta “decay”, kaon decay and so on). It is a variation in the charge field, and of course the charge field is E/M. The charge field
is photons, and the variation seen in so-called weak interactions is mediated by photons directly.

Furthermore, I can't and don't want to claim that I have unified the various mainstream maths. Rather, I have shown that most of them need to be swept out the door. I have no use for gauge math or tensor math or Hamiltonians or renormalization. All that is just a laser show to keep your eyes off the mess. I have kept a large part of Newton's and Einstein's and even Schrodinger's field equations, but I have shown that important parts of all three have to be excised or whipped into shape. With some major nudges here and there, I have been able to unify gravity and E/M. The biggest nudge was recognizing that G was a scaling constant in Newton's gravity equation, and that E/M had always been included in the classical field equations. This alone allowed me to rewrite all the basic field equations, and to correct literally hundreds of lesser equations in related problems and experiments. Another big nudge was the correction to the angular equations, which had been wrong from the beginning. This allowed for another round of important corrections. Finally, replacing quarks with spins allowed me to clean up the greater messes of QED and QCD, simplifying both. Giving the photon spin allowed me to explain magnetism, and giving the photon a radius and a mass allowed me to solve galactic and cosmic problems in a simple and straightforward way. I recently showed that dark matter is actually just the charge field.

So you can see that the long-sought-after GUT was achieved in a way no one predicted. The four forces were unified by throwing one out, redefining another, and realizing that the other two had been unified from the beginning. In the same way, the maths were unified by throwing most of them out and starting over from scratch. I didn't unify renormalized maths with tensor fields, I went back and reformulated a quantum math that was normal to begin with. I did this by throwing out the point and the point particle. And what allowed me to do that was realizing that the calculus was misdefined and misused. I had to correct the calculus, and once I did that I no longer needed to renormalize. Likewise with the tensor field. The same correction to the calculus changed the fundaments of the tensor field, so that no matter whether you wished to use curves or straight lines, you could no longer use mass points. The tensor, like the vector, was redefined as a clear differential or length, and that changed all the postulates and therefore all the solutions. The tensor field also had to be nudged by correcting and extending the time and length transforms, and this clarified the entire field once more.

Strictly, my unification is even broader than any previously attempted or imagined GUT's. I have done things they didn't even realize needed to be done. This is because, in order to unify, I saw that it was necessary to correct many longstanding basic equations that had become dogma. The housecleaning was even wider and deeper than anyone imagined, and all sorts of fortified towers have fallen.

That said, I believe I maintain a good deal more humility than those who came before, since I make no claims to a complete or final solution. My unification covers a lot of territory, but it is in no way a Final Theory, a complete theory, or, as Bohr said of his interpretation, "The best we can expect." I have cleaned up a lot of messes, but I have only just begun. Even after a decade of work, what I don't know dwarfs what I do know. Neither this unification nor any other takes us much nearer physical omniscience, and we had best admit it. We will not know all there is to know about physics in ten years or ten thousand. I do not claim to have peeked into the mind of God, gods, or nature, since that is all far beyond me. I only claim to have made some important progress in the understanding of human equations and theory. These titans of academia we hear so much about failed to solve all these problems, and yet still claimed to know almost everything. I have solved many of their problems for them, handing them their desired GUT on a silver platter, and yet I admit to knowing almost nothing in the "grand" scheme of things. I may be confident in the company of men, but in the presence of gods, eternity, nature, or truth, I know my place.

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