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PAPER UPDATE 6/08/2007. Why do Stars Twinkle?  Two new paragraphs added showing a simple experiment to prove why stars twinkle.
NEW PAPER 6/05/2007. The Ether,  Does the ether exist, and if so, in what form?
NEW PAPER 5/24/2007. The Myth of the Black Hole,  a critique of the theory of black holes.
NEW PAPER 4/14/2007. Lorentz Invariance,  a critique of the whole idea of variance, invariance, and violations.
NEW PAPER 4/12/2007. The Born-Einstein Letters,  allowing an extended commentary on both GR and QED.
PAPER UPDATE 3/17/2007. A Simple Solution to Goldbach's Conjecture,   several paragraphs added and proof considerably strengthened.
NEW PAPER, 2/18/2007. A Simple Solution to Goldbach's Conjecture,   no non-linear math, no curved spaces, no esoteric logic, just a simple explanation.
NEW PAPER, 1/26/2007. The Third Wave, Part IX,   where I explain the optical size equivalence (angular diameter) of Sun and Moon.
PAPER UPDATE 1/17/2007. I have added a paragraph on superposition to my Central Discoveries paper, near the top. This is one of my most important discoveries, and yet it was left off my first list somehow.
NEW PAPER, 1/10/2007. Another Critique of Curved Space,   using an analogy to the electrical field.
NEW PAPER 1/4/2007. The Central Discoveries of This Book,   what I believe I have achieved so far.
NEW PAPER, 12/26/2006. Electrical Charge,   I define charge mechanically, as the mass of the radiation.
NEW PAPER, 12/18/2006. The Third Wave, Part VIII: Genesis,   where I introduce a new cosmology.
NEW PAPER 11/29/2006. The Collapse of the Wave Function   originally written as an introduction to my Superposition paper.
NEW PAPER 10/19/2006. The Wiki-Mandarins.   An article showing the many failings of Wikipedia.
NEW PAPER 10/5/2006. Trig "Derivatives" found without the old Calculus.   Here I show that my simple exponent table from my calculus paper, and the constant differential, apply just as easily to trig functions.
NEW PAPER 10/3/2006. Calculus Simplified.   A compression of my long paper on the calculus.
NEW PAPER 9/21/2006. An Overview of my Mass Increase Papers.  A 2-page presentation of findings only, with no derivations and no analysis.
NEW PAPER, 9/03/2006. Bending of Starlight by Planets.  Experimental Proof of my Theory of Gravity
NEW PAPER 8/28/2006. Squaring the Circle.  Here I show various operational inconsistencies in claiming that the circle cannot be squared "with a straight edge and compass." This paper has been posted for many months, but with no link.
NEW PAPER, 8/11/2006. Why do Stars Twinkle? A new answer to this question, and some extended commentary on the old answer.
FORCED VACATION, 1/1/2006-7/1/2006. Apologies to my readers. I almost ruined my eyes in 2005, writing 32 papers for this site alone in the last 8 months of the year (as well as countless other pages for my other sites). I have bought a new computer screen and rested my eyes: hopefully I can now carry on, if not as before, then with all available energy.
CHAPTER EXPANDED, 11/18/2005. Some Initial Comments on Richard Feynman. 3 pages added to this older paper, including 3 important diagrams, concerning the experiments of Dicke and Eötvös, and the equivalence of inertial and gravitational mass.
NEW CHAPTER 11/17/2005. Richard Feynman and the Glorification of Heuristics. A further critique of Feynman and QED.
NEW CHAPTER, 11/02/2005. A Disproof of Newton's Fundamental Lemmae. Newton's first 8 lemmae from the Principia are shown to be false. [four more pages added 11/14].
NEW CHAPTER, 10/31/2005. The Light Clock. A close analysis of the light clock, showing the many ways it fails as a visualization of time dilation.
NEW CHAPTER, 10/21/2005. Bohr's First Big Mistake. A major substitution error in the math of the Bohr radius is shown to infect all of QED.
NEW CHAPTER, 10/17/2005. Superposition. Both superposition and the wave-particle duality are explained mechanically, with a straightforward visualization. This falsifies the Copenhagen interpretation in the most direct way imaginable.
NEW CHAPTER, 10/09/2005. Explaining the Ellipse. Holes in the elliptical theory of orbits are filled at last.
NEW CHAPTER, 10/07/2005. The Trouble with Tides. A thorough expose of the holes in current tidal theory.
NEW CHAPTER, 9/29/2005. The Moon Gives up a Secret. Numbers from the Moon are analyzed to show that "gravity" is a compound field.
NEW CHAPTER, 9/29/2005. The Third Wave, Part VII. A paper on mass and weight in expansion theory. Data from the Moon is used to suggest that "gravity" is dependent only upon radius.
NEW CHAPTER, 9/25/2005. A Call to Astronomers. A call to astronomers for confirmation of a prediction concerning the bending of starlight by Jupiter.
NEW SECTION, 9/24/2005. Does Size Matter? The first entry in a new section answering readers' questions. Here I answer a question about the ratio of volume to surface area changing with size.
NEW CHAPTER, 9/20/2005. String Theory: the Inelegant Universe. A Critique of String Theory and M-theory using Brian Greene's book The Elegant Universe as my text, including a foundational correction to the 11-dimensional math.
CHAPTER EXPANDED, 9/12/2005. A Critique of General Relativity. Seven pages added to this chapter, including a foundational analysis of the tensor calculus and the solution of a GR problem without it.
CHAPTER EXPANDED, 9/07/2005. The Third Wave, Part V. Nine pages added to this chapter, including a major prediction for aberration of starlight by Jupiter.
NEW CHAPTER, 8/29/2005. The Third Wave, Part VI. The Ideal Gas Law as proof of Expansion Theory.
NEW CHAPTER, 8/25/2005. The Third Wave, Part V. The aberration of starlight and gravity at the quantum level.
NEW CHAPTER, 8/25/2005. The Third Wave, Part IV. Retrograde orbits, Triton, and the lack of angular momentum in the Sun are all explained here.
NEW CHAPTER, 8/25/2005. Why Hyperbolic Math is inapplicable to General Relativity. I show direct empirical evidence that t does not travel at any angle to x.
NEW CHAPTER, 8/24/2005. What is π? Here I show that π is a centripetal acceleration and that the circumference of a circle has the dimensions m2/s3. I also show the equivalence of C = 2πr and a = v2/2r.
NEW CHAPTER, 8/19/2005. A Break in the Pioneer Anomaly. An article written for a popular journal showing, in the simplest possible way, the cause of the anomaly.
NEW CHAPTER, 8/18/2005. Relativity as a Concept. A brief explanation of Relativity as a lead-in to the math.
NEW CHAPTER, 8/15/2005. The Third Wave, Part III. Not only does the Third Wave work with the inverse square law, it shows the genesis of the inverse square law. I don't just mathematically derive the law, like Newton; I show what causes it.
NEW CHAPTER, 8/12/2005. The Third Wave, Part II. An explanation of orbits and a solution to my Celestial Mechanics critique.
NEW CHAPTER, 8/08/2005. A Gloss of the Mass and Energy Transforms. A much-shortened paper on mass and energy transforms, including the accelerator problem and the derivation of 108.
CHAPTER COMPLETED, 8/07/2005. The Accelerator Problem. Part 8 of my chapter on mass increase. Scroll down to end of chapter after clicking. The number 108 for the proton is derived through a link to my paper on Newton's Gravitational Constant.
NEW CHAPTER, 8/07/2005. The Universal Gravitational Constant. Taking a hint from Maxwell, I use Newton's gravity equation to derive velocity equivalence for mass. I use this to explain the proton's number 108 from particle accelerators.
FURTHER ADDENDUM to PAPER, 7/31/2005. The Galilean Transformation. A second addendum to my paper on the action invariance of x' = x - vt, being a reply by the editors and referees at the American Journal of Physics to my appeal, and my reply to their reply.
ADDENDUM to PAPER, 7/22/2005. The Galilean Transformation. An addendum to my paper on the action invariance of x' = x - vt, being a review of the paper by the editors and referee at AJP, and my reply to them.
NEW CHAPTER, 7/08/2005. Quantum Mechanics and Idealism. How my corrections to the calculus must affect quantum mechanics. Or how modern physicists have mistaken math for reality.
NEW CHAPTER, 5/15/2005. The Third Wave: a Redefinition of Gravity, Part I. A new mechanics for gravity, using Einstein's equivalence principle to reverse all the vectors—greatly simplifying all the math and concepts.
NEW CHAPTER, 5/13/2005. Another Fatal Flaw in the Historical Foundation of the Calculus. The problem with infinite series.