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NEW PAPER 5/17/2011. New C-orbit Asteroid proves the Unified Field. Asteroid 2010 SO16 provides clear proof against gravity-only model.
NEW PAPER 5/17/2011. The GOCE Satellite Provides more proof of my Unified Field. New gravity maps from GOCE undermine once again the gravity-only model of the mainstream.
NEW PAPER 5/16/2011. How a Battery Circuit Works. The full mechanical model, with photons, rather than the math or field model.
NEW PAPER 5/14/2011. The Central Engine. What drives the galaxies?
NEW PAPER 5/7/2011. Gravity Probe B, and space-time. Another debacle from NASA.
NEW PAPER 4/26/2011. The Magnetic Fields of Uranus and Neptune. I use my charge field to explain these, without dynamos in the cores or oceans.
NEW PAPER 4/25/2011. Where is the Magnetism of Mars? Not asteroids, but the charge field.
NEW PAPER 4/23/2011. The Theory of Tired Light, Why it is wrong, why it is right.
NEW PAPER 4/21/2011. Bremsstrahlung Radiation, A Better Mechanism. Another one solved by the charge field.
NEW PAPER 4/12/2011. Unlocking the Lagrangian. I show that the Lagrangian is yet another unified field equation in disguise, this time with variables misassigned.
NEW PAPER 4/10/2011. Why so Angry? I answer this question from my readers.
NEW PAPER 4/8/2011. What Causes Earthquake Lights? Yes, the charge field again.
NEW PAPER 2/24/2011. Answering Some Tough Questions about Special Relativity. Concerning initial variable assignments.
NEW PAPER 2/24/2011. Why the Standard Kilogram has Lost Weight. The charge field again. Also why gyroscopes lose weight.
NEW PAPER 2/14/2011. The Coriolis Effect Deconstructed. Another page at Wikipedia is about to tremble.
NEW PAPER 2/14/2011. The Eccentricity of the Earth calculated using the Charge Field. I show how to go from tilt to eccentricity with one number.
NEW PAPER 2/9/2011. The Problem with Reduced Mass. More fundamental problems in celestial mechanics: this time I show how field acceleration is misunderstood.
NEW PAPER 1/26/2011. How the Charge Field causes Lagrange Points. I run unified field equations on the three-body problem showing that current math is a big push.
NEW PAPER 1/18/2011. How the Charge Field causes the Ice Ages. In which I overturn the Milankovitch cycles.
NEW PAPER 1/18/2011. The Hole at the Center of the Sun. The Charge Field fills the hole at the center of Solar theory.
NEW PAPER 1/11/2011. The Physics behind the Golden Ratio. The Unified Field provides the mechanical constraints that cause the Golden Ratio in nature.
NEW PAPER 12/16/2010. More Proof of the Reality of the Charge Field. New extensions of very old equations prove it again, by showing that e = 1/c.
NEW PAPER 11/26/2010. Brownian Motion, and how the charge field causes it.
NEW PAPER 11/24/2010. What is Heat? And why the Curie temperature? I show the mechanical answer to both.
NEW PAPER, 11/24/2010. Superconductivity. A mechanical explanation, using the charge field.
NEW PAPER 11/18/2010. Democracy in Science. How the first has polluted the second.
NEW PAPER, 11/8/2010. Funding the Future. Which future do you wish to fund, both with your money and your ideas?
NEW PAPER 11/3/2010. Errata, from my book The Un-Unified Field.
NEW PAPER, 11/3/2010. The Grand Unification Theory. I show that my theory as a whole does unify all the known forces and interactions. Whether you wish to call it "grand" is entirely up to you.
NEW PAPER 10/21/2010. Is Time Travel Possible? Here I show that in a limited sense it is, but nothing like the twin paradox or science fiction claim.
NEW PAPER 9/4/2010. A Critique of the Bullet Cluster Interpretation, Where I show that charge is the answer, not dark matter. You may also see the html version.
NEW PAPER 8/31/2010. My Unified Field Equation is Confirmed. My new velocity equation from the galactic rotation problem is shown to be equivalent to my relativistic unified field equation from several years ago.
NEW PAPER 8/26/2010. How my Unified Field solves the Galactic Rotation Problem, plus a refutation of MOND and the dark matter hypothesis.
NEW PAPER 8/25/2010. Compton Scattering: A mechanical explanation, and another confirmation of the spin model. Also, a new and better explanation of pair production.
PAPER UPDATE 8/24/2010. Angular Momentum. In a short addendum I resolve some disclarities, by answering some readers' questions, on units and so on.
NEW PAPER 8/22/2010. The Electron Radius as a Function of c. I show that the current equation for the classical electron radius is compromised, since it lacks a scaling constant between the proton and electron. I provide the full correction.
NEW PAPER 8/18/2010. My Opposition. A counter-critique of reviews of my book The Un-unified Field.
PUBLISHING UPDATE 8/5/2010. My book is now available at Amazon and Amazon UK in hardback as well as softback. Here is the link to order hardback (US): You can also still buy directly from Authorhouse via the link below, or order signed editions from me.
NEW PAPER 8/11/2010. The Great Misunderstanding of Antimatter. An article at the New York Times shows how antimatter is misunderstood.
NEW PAPER 8/11/2010. A New Experiment proves my Quantum Spin Equation. An article at inadvertantly proves my theory.
PUBLISHING UPDATE 8/5/2010. My book is now available at Amazon and Amazon UK in softback and kindle. Here is the link to order: Thanks to reader Steven O. for leading off the nice commentary there. You can also get hardbacks from (see link below) or signed editions from me.
NEW PAPER, 8/6/2010. Is the Proton Mass just its Radius Squared, and if so, why? I show the simple answer, destroying once again all need for a Higgs boson.
NEW PAPER 7/23/2010. New Reports on the Proton Size. I analyze recent news from the popular science magazines.
NEW PAPER 7/14/2010. Gravity: Misdirection from the New York Times. Erik Verlinde's theory of no-gravity.
NEW PAPER 7/7/2010. Rainbows, Prisms, and Non-edge Diffraction a rehabilitation of Goethe. Part 2 of my rainbow papers.
PUBLISHING UPDATE 7/2/2010.  I got the books today and they look fine. Here is the link to order: This is the cheapest place to get the books, but they will soon be available at major outlets for a mark-up. I will soon have some signed hardbacks available for those who want them. The price will be retail plus the two shipping charges. I will post an update when I have them available, or you can email me with a pre-order now.
PUBLISHING UPDATE 6/28/2010. Yes, now almost six weeks overdue. I had to fight with the publisher, just like I fight with everyone else. But this means you won't have to deal with as many manuscript errors as with most print-on-demand books. I am pretty sure I found most of them. I am told the book may be available as soon as July 5. Also coming soon: the second part of my rainbow series, extended now to include loads of new light theory.
NEW PAPER 6/6/2010. Black Holes and Quasars. I am finally ready to begin proposing new theory for exotics.
PUBLISHING UPDATE 5/28/2010. My publisher has apparently never seen a science book before, so the the galley corrections took forever. However, the first copies have been printed and the book should be available within 10 days. As soon as the book is available at Authorhouse, I will post a link to the order page. Sorry for the delay.
NEW PAPER 4/27/2010. The Light-Speed Submarine Problem. I explode the solutions given at Physical Review D.
NEW PAPER, 4/10/2010. The Solution to Tides, part 3. After a long break, I return to making some new suggestions for tidal theory, using the unified field.
NEW PAPER 3/25/2010. More Trouble with Tides. I analyze Newton's Prop. 66, then show the real cause of the Moon's eccentricity.
PUBLISHING UPDATE 3/21/2010. My book manuscript is now in the hands of the publisher, with the title THE UN-UNIFIED FIELD and other problems. I have been given a tentative date of release of May 15. The book has 29 chapters and about 350 pages, being a sort of "best of" compilation from this website. It will be offered both paperback and hardback.
BREAKING NEWS 3/10/2010. NASA Astrophysicist recommends my upcoming book. [required disclaimer: this does not imply an endorsement from NASA, of course, only the physicist]
NEW PAPER 3/10/2010. Schrodinger's Cat. Schrodinger's cat is brought back to life.
NEW PAPER 3/8/2010. The Difference between Squared Velocity and Acceleration. In most cases, none.
NEW PAPER 3/3/2010. Why does the Rainbow Curve Down? A new answer, courtesy Alexander's Band.
PAPER UPDATE 2/18/2010. The Virial Theorem is False. After originally misinterpreting Lagrange's central cheat here, I finally unwind it correctly, showing it is even bigger than my first estimate. Also see my new paper calcor.html, just below.
NEW PAPER 2/18/2010. The Calculus is Corrupt. Lagrange's virial mess shows us calculus' biggest fudge.
NEW PAPER, 2/18/2010. Physics is Corrupt. Like all else modern, physics is corrupt.
NEW PAPER 2/13/2010. Another Big Hole in Celestial Mechanics. Ralph Rene gives us the clue here.
PAPER UPDATE, 2/8/2010. A Reworking of QCD. I am able to show why the neutron has a magnetic moment, simply, directly, and mechanically.
NEW PAPER, 2/7/2010. Why is the Sky Blue? Current theory is upside-down here.
PAPER UPDATE 2/6/2010. The Stefan-Boltzmann Law. I have corrected and extended my derivation even further, reducing the constant for the spherical solution down to 1/c.
NEW PAPER, 2/5/2010. The Compton Effect, Duality, and the Klein-Nishina formula. I analyze and correct all three.
PAPER UPDATE 2/5/2010. The Planck Relation and the Mass of the Photon. In an addendum, I show that the quantum of action is actually the X-ray. This is illogical, since the quantum of the charge field should be the charge photon.
PAPER UPDATE 2/3/2010. The Bohr Magneton. In an addendum I show that the classical electron radius and the Compton radius have always been 100 times too large.
PAPER UPDATE, 1/29/2010. How do Photons Travel? Another update to this paper, showing that the wave of light is neither transverse nor longitudinal, although the stacked spins can mimic either case.
PAPER UPDATE 1/25/2010. Proof from NASA that π is 4. In a long addendum I dismantle a paper from 2008 at Space Review which tries to cover-up the anomaly.
PAPER UPDATE 1/24/2010. NASA Propaganda at I have added a final paragraph showing that space cannot affect light of different energy differently, due simply to the existence of shifted absorption lines.
PAPER UPDATE 1/23/2010. How do Photons Travel? I can now show that Einstein's equation should be labeled E=mcLcT, to indicate that one value of c applies to the linear velocity of the particle and one value applies to the tangential spin velocity. The equation is a summation of linear energy and spin energy.
UPCOMING BOOK, 1/21/2010. I am now compiling a book from this site to be published through Authorhouse. I am seeking blurbs for my back cover. I already have one nice one chosen from a NASA astrophysicist, but I will have room for five or six. If you have something pithy, charming, and unabashedly positive to say about any of my papers, now is your chance to emerge from the shadows and pick a side. A couple of blurbs will just be from "readers", but of course it would be nice to have another one or two from highly credentialed people. I know you are reading this, and I know it is supremely difficult for you to put your name next to mine, but nonetheless, here is your chance. All I can say is, look into the not-so-distant future. Do you really see strings there, or virtual particles, or symmetry breaking, or borrowing from the vacuum? If not, your name next to mine may be a sparkling, glittering thing.
NEW PAPER 1/19/2010. The Planck Relation and the Mass of the Photon. Yes, the photon has mass, and h is hiding it.
NEW PAPER, 1/18/2010. How Magnetism works Mechanically. Using spin and the Unified Field.
NEW PAPER 1/18/2010. The Virial Theorem is False. Showing that Lagrange fudged important equations to create the Virial.
NEW PAPER 1/17/2010. The Stern-Gerlach Experiment. Showing the logical and mathematical flaws here, including the flaw of a 1/2 spin.
NEW PAPER 1/13/2010. Expansion Theory, an interlude. A short gloss of the last decade's work.
NEW PAPER, 1/10/2010. Eleven Big Questions you should have for the Standard Model. Eleven chosen from eleven hundred.
NEW PAPER 1/6/2010. Hubble Redshifts and the Cosmic Background Radiation. Showing that current theory has jumped the gun.
NEW PAPER 1/6/2010. An Explosion of the Pound-Rebka Experiment. Showing that the math is completely compromised.
NEW PAPER 1/2/2010. Why Exponential Inflation is Impossible. One of the pillars of Big Bang theory falls.
PAPER UPDATE, 12/30/2009. The Mysterious Muon. My correction to the equation v = v0 + at has allowed me to show the new equations in the muon problem, explaining the mechanics and the numbers.
NEW PAPER 12/30/2009. The Equation v = v0 + at is False. The equation fails to properly integrate the initial velocity into the acceleration field.
NEW PAPER 12/29/2009. The Proof for the Current Derivative for Powers is False. Although the power equation is true, the proof of it is not.
PAPER UPDATE 12/27/2009. A Study of Variable Acceleration. Some readers have been mystified by my method here, claiming I learned to do calculus on Pluto. So I have added a few paragraphs as clarification.
NEW PAPER 12/26/2009. The Derivative for log(x) is also Wrong. Newly extended and corrected, this paper is now stronger and scarier than ever.
NEW PAPER 12/26/2009. The Derivatives for ln(x) and 1/x are Wrong. Taken down for a day for a rewrite and extension, my critics rejoiced; but here it is again, corrected and even stronger.
NEW PAPER 12/26/2009. My Calculus applied to Derivatives for Exponents. After several re-writes, I have shown major problems with the Modern Calculus, and perhaps solved some of them.
NEW PAPER, 12/24/2009. A Short Formal Proof of Goldbach's Conjecture. A general proof with fractions only, and a minimum of commentary, to clarify my previous proof.
NEW PAPER 12/20/2009. A Study of Variable Acceleration. I show that a textbook solution is wrong. In doing so, I show that the second and third derivatives can be used to solve, rather than integration. I also show that the calculus is often interpreted upside down, in an unnecessarily dense and confusing manner.
PAPER UPDATE, 12/10/2009. A Recalculation of the Roche Limit. I correct a couple of errors in my math, showing a bit larger pass between Jupiter and Saturn.
PAPER UPDATE 12/9/2009. A Clarification of the Equation a = v2/r, I show that the value of "a" in that equation is not found at an instant, as we are told. I find a real finite number for the time period, proving that the calculus does not find solutions at an instant. It finds solutions at a subinterval.
PAPER UPDATE 12/9/2009. Electrical Charge, where I show that the permittivity of free space ε0 has nothing to do with free space: that constant, as a number, is the gravity field of the proton.
NEW PAPER 12/6/2009. A Clarification of the Equation a=v2/r, showing that the tangent may equal the arc in one specific case.
NEW PAPER 11/29/2009. Where are the B-photons? Hiding in plain sight, as usual.
NEW PAPER, 11/20/2009. A Complete Correction to and Explanation of Bode's Law. The full solution.
NEW PAPER 11/13/2009. The Cause of Axial Tilt, Part 2. Nutation explained, Jupiter's tilt calculated, and broad questions answered.
NEW PAPER 11/13/2009. The Cause of Axial Tilt, Part 1. Perturbations calculated using the unified field, solving this problem easily.
NEW PAPER 11/12/2009. The Main Cause of Solar System Instability: smaller planets orbiting above larger ones.
PAPER UPDATE 11/11/2009. Superposition. An animation has been added, showing how the stacked spins cause the wavelength directly. Scroll halfway down, or take one of these direct links: wave.wmv. 5Mb 700kb (quicktime)
NEW PAPER 11/10/2009. NASA Propaganda for the Standard Model. How videos at Hulu act as propaganda.
NEW PAPER 11/10/2009. Why Celestial Mechanics is Deterministic, and why chaos theory is wrong.
NEW PAPER 11/8/2009. A Recalculation of the Roche Limit. I show the current Roche limit is a myth, born of bad theory and awful math.
NEW PAPER 11/1/2009. The Magnetopause calculated from the Unified Field. I solve several anomalies in Solar Wind exclusion, including providing a simple equation for the distance of magnetopause or ionopause.
NEW PAPER, 10/24/2009. The Easy Solution to the New Saturn Anomaly. My prediction in my Mercury paper that Einstein's field equations are 4% wrong is proved by new calculations on Saturn, which show a 4% error.
NEW PAPER 10/20/2009. The Large Hadron Collider: the beginning of the end for postmodern physics.
NEW PAPER 10/14/2009. Why the Transforms of Special Relativity are not Symmetrical, I make the same simple argument again, in slightly different language.
THANKS! to all my readers, who have put me over 10,000,000 hits at The General Science Journal.
NEW PAPER 10/5/2009. The Stefan-Boltzmann Law, a simplified derivation, showing the mechanics beneath the equation.
PAPER UPDATE, 10/02/2009. The Mass of the Photon, some added paragraphs showing that my new mass for the photon is below current upper limits, as set by the standard model in several experiments. Also more commentary on standard-model defense of zero mass.
NEW PAPER 9/29/2009. Why the Singularity cannot Exist, and why Loop Quantum Gravity is wrong.
NEW PAPER 9/23/2009. Mucking up the Muon Math, where I show the mistakes in the SR transforms of the muon.
NEW PAPER, 9/20/2009. The Mysterious Muon, showing that the muon's arrival at sea level is not explained by time dilation.
PAPER UPDATE 9/14/2009. Superposition Again. I just added a final paragraph to this paper, showing that the Sagnac Effect contradicts the current explanation of superposition.
NEW PAPER 9/6/2009. A Critique of Yang-Mills, showing that the "mass gap" is a misdefined problem.
NEW PAPER, 9/6/2009. Why the Magnetic Monopole cannot Exist, because the E/M field is not a dipole.
NEW PAPER, 8/26/2009. On Laplace and the 3-Body Problem, showing that Laplace did not do what he is said to have done.
NEW PAPER, 8/25/2009. The Illogic of Atheism.
NEW PAPER 8/1/2009. More Problems with General Relativity, the failure of gamma infects current bending of starlight calculations, falsifying the number 1.75. This correction to the field equations verifies my number 1.68.
NEW PAPER 7/5/2009. How to Build a Nucleus without a Strong Force, with simple postulates and diagrams.
NEW PAPER 4/15/2009. Superposition Again. Another experiment is explained simply and mechanically, with diagrams.
NEW PAPER 4/11/2009. More Problems with the Strong Force, the strong force is exploded.
NEW PAPER 4/06/2009. Why does Hot Air Rise? The charge field explains another one.
NEW PAPER 4/05/2009. Atmospheric Pressure and the Charge Field. In which atmospheric weight is shown to be another myth.
NEW PAPER 3/20/2009. Quantum Entanglement. A critique of David Z. Albert's new article at Scientific American, and a mechanical explanation of entanglement.
NEW PAPER 3/19/2009. The Fine Structure Constant and Planck's Constant. Planck's constant is hiding the photon's mass, and the fine structure constant is just more misdirection.
NEW PAPER, 3/17/2009. Why Millikan got the wrong number in his Oil Drop Experiment. The charge field of the Earth, hidden in Newton's equation, explains another experiment.
NEW PAPER, 3/14/2009. Three Problems Solved Mechanically: The partial reflection of glass, the right-hand rule, and Feynman's shrink-and-turn method, all solved mechanically for the first time.
NEW PAPER 3/10/2009. The Biggest Black Hole in General Relativity. There is no impulse to motion from rest in Einstein's field equations.
NEW PAPER, 3/1/2009. The Infinite Weakness of the Theory of Weak Interaction. A long critique of weak and electroweak theory.
NEW PAPER 2/26/2009. Against Gravitational Lensing. The many flaws of the theory and of the candidates.
NEW PAPER 2/20/2009. The E/M Fields of Solar System Bodies, how to create Solar Wind exclusion, without a magnetosphere.
NEW PAPER 2/19/2009. Bending of Starlight, a clarification, answering a reader's query.
NEW PAPER, 2/11/2009. The Kinetic Energy Equation, another hole in your physics book.
NEW PAPER 2/11/2009. How do Photons Travel? I show the real wavelength of the photon and how it is stretched by c.
NEW PAPER 1/22/2009. Gravity at the Quantum Level. QED is shown to be wrong by a factor of 1022, upending all claims to precision.
NEW PAPER 1/20/2009. Coulomb's Equation. Connecting Coulomb's constant to the Bohr radius and c, to show that the charge field is material, not virtual.
NEW PAPER 1/13/2009. Unifying the Photon with other Quanta. The photon is shown to be another spin level of the fundamental quantum. Also, I calculate a mass for the photon.
NEW PAPER 1/11/2009. Relativity Demystified. A (relatively) simple explanation of SR and GR.
NEW PAPER, 1/2/2009. Hidden Variables (the fifth quantum field). The hidden variables of atomic theory are brought into the light, showing the mechanical explanation of the fifth dimension.
NEW PAPER 12/27/2008. Explaining the Meson without Quarks. Stacked spins now unify all mesons.
NEW PAPER 12/20/2008. Unifying the Electron and Proton. Using stacked spins, I show that the proton is simply the electron with outer spins.
PAPER UPDATE 12/9/2008. Bohr Magneton. I link the .1% experimental error of the magneton to my prediction of the E/M field strength at the surface of the Earth, .009545 m/s2.
NEW PAPER 12/1/2008. Unified Fields in Disguise. The two unified fields we have had for centuries.
NEW PAPER 11/28/2008. Angular Velocity and Angular Momentum, both current equations are false.
NEW PAPER 11/27/2008. The Bohr Magneton, and Bohr's second and third biggest mistakes. Also, the Bohr radius is shown to be the same as Coulomb's constant!
NEW PAPER 11/25/2008. Screening in QED, a simple mechanical explanation.
NEW PAPER 11/24/2008. The Disproof of Asymptotic Freedom, and the breaking of the Landau pole. Two more pillars of QCD fall.
NEW PAPER 11/19/2008. Planck's Constant and Quantization, a Mechanical Explanation.
NEW PAPER 11/17/2008. A Reworking of Quantum Chromodynamics, dismissing the quark, the bosons, and the gluons.
NEW PAPER 11/9/2008. The Electron Orbit. Uncovering the greatest hole in Quantum Mechanics, and filling it.
NEW PAPER 11/8/2008. A Preliminary Study of the Pyramid as an Electrical Structure. Applying the foundational E/M field to the pyramid, in a strictly mechanical analysis.
NEW PAPER 9/11/2008. Proof from NASA that π is 4. The Explorer Anomaly explained, while contradicting both common wisdom and Richard Hoagland.
NEW PAPER 9/09/2008. The Extinction of π. In kinematics and dynamics, π is false.
NEW PAPER, 8/24/2008. Of Monkeys and Typewriters. Current wisdom wrong again.
NEW PAPER 6/15/2008. A Mathematical Explanation of the Orbital Distance of Mercury. Why Mercury is where it is.
NEW PAPER 5/26/2008. Why Non-Euclidean Geometry is a Cheat, including a critique of complex numbers.
NEW PAPER 5/15/2008. Why the Atomic World is 100 Times Larger than We Thought. Important corrections to Rutherford's scattering equations yield new size estimates.
PAPER UPDATE 5/12/2008. Explaining the Ellipse. I have added another diagram and paragraph to clarify my thesis in this paper.
PAPER UPDATE 4/30/2008. Newton's First Lemmae. I have added a paragraph clarifying the geometric manipulation. Many readers have had trouble visualizing the motion here, and the angles. Also added a section showing why the limit concept fails to solve this problem. Then I show how Relativity gives us a solution as well.
NEW PAPER, 4/23/2008. Zero-point Energy and the Casimir Effect. Zero-point energy is not infinite and the Casimir Effect is not an outcome of quantization.
NEW PAPER 3/25/2008. An Update on Weight, in which I falsify F=GMm/R2, using a new thought problem.
NEW PAPER 3/10/2008. The Double Slit Experiment. A simple mechanical explanation of the single photon mystery and the detector mystery.
NEW PAPER, 3/4/2008. What is "Charge"? It is a resultant acceleration from two fields.
NEW PAPER, 3/3/2008. What is G? It is the transform from one radius to another, but not the radii you think.
NEW PAPER, 2/24/2008. The DIY Ballot. A simple solution to voting problems.
NEW PAPER 2/19/2008. The Cosmic Mass Deficit. A simple, logical, and mechanical explanation of the mass deficit, without dark matter or any other esoteric or ad hoc postulates.
ANNOUNCEMENT 2/07/2008. I encourage any who find my papers useful to print them out, make copies, and freely distribute them. I want to have as many paper copies in existence as possible. If the internet fails, or if the power grid itself fails, paper will be the only semi-permanent medium.
NEW PAPER 1/30/2008. Tesla and Einstein Were Both Right, about the ether.
NEW PAPER, 1/25/2008. Concerning the Allais Effect and Majorana. With commentary on LeSage, Podkletnov, NASA, and Wiki.
NEW PAPER, 1/14/2008. The Cavendish Experiment. Another experiment gone terribly wrong.
NEW PAPER, 12/5/2007. Schrodinger's Wave Equations Explained. How can electrons have more than three wave motions in only three dimensions?
NEW PAPER 9/9/2007. The Solution to Tides, Postscript. Mechanically connecting the cause of tides to the cause of animal and plant lunar cycles, including the menstrual cycle.
NEW PAPER, 8/14/2007. The Perihelion Precession of Mercury, the short version. A gloss of my longer paper on this subject.
NEW PAPER 7/26/2007. The Solution to Tides, Part 2. The mechanical cause of spring and neap tides are explained.
NEW PAPER 7/22/2007. Death by Mathematics. The pre-meditated murder of physics.
NEW PAPER 7/18/2007. The Solution to Tides, Part 1. A solution to my previous long critique of current tidal theory.
NEW PAPER 7/18/2007. How to Solve General Relativity Problems without the Tensor Calculus (in 1/100th the time). The title says it all.
NEW PAPER, 7/18/2007. The Electromagnetic Field (and the Strong Force). A compilation of information from my other papers, showing how the E/M field and the Strong Force have changed due to my Unified Field Theory.
NEW PAPER 7/12/2007. The Unified Field Theory. I show that Newton's gravitational equation is really a compound equation that includes the E/M field. I mathematically separate the two fields, do relativity transforms on them, and create a simple and useful Unified Field Equation.
NEW PAPER 7/5/2007. How General Relativity Solves the Metonic Cycle. A mechanical solution to the Metonic Cycle, showing all the math, and revealing the unseen GR precession of the Moon.
NEW PAPER 7/1/2007. The Perihelion Precession of Mercury. A long critique of the historical problem, showing the major mistakes of Einstein and others.
NEW PAPER 6/17/2007. The Trouble with Tensors. A critique of tensors and the tensor field as applied to General Relativity.
NEW PAPER 6/13/2007. Why Schrodinger's Wave Equations Move in Q-space.
PAPER UPDATE 6/10/2007. The Ether.  Einstein agrees with me on the ether: added to this paper are quotes from 1920 that show that Einstein defined the ether in the same way I have here.

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